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Randomness Extraordinaire

Borrowed from Skinny Emmie

Borrowed from Skinny Emmie

I’ve been thinking about something.  A lot.  The name of this blog is “Finding Christi” but after 2 years of being on this epic quest, something has become clear; I don’t need to be found.  I’ve never been lost.  I’ve been here the whole time.  At times I may have lost my way or been confused about the direction my life was turning.  I have at times lost my voice.  But I’ve always been here.

So what is it that I have been thinking about?  I feel like the name of this blog should be a more appropriate representation of me.  I am considering renaming this blog “Being Christi”.  Kind of just wanted to throw that out there and maybe get some feed back on what my loyal reader thinks.

The next bit of randomness involves me hooking.

No, no.  Not THAT kind of hooking.


If you know me in real life, you know I am obsessed. I always have been.  A couple of my aunts taught me some basic stuff when I was a kid to keep me entertained.  As I get older the more I find myself wanting to do it more.   I have more crochet hooks and yarn than I need.

It really is a terrible affliction.  Your house becomes covered in various crocheted items.  And your friends and family and their kids and friends can only stand to be given so many crocheted things.

So this leaves me in quite the predicament.  What do I do with the pieces I make?

My husband has suggested I sell it.  But I don’t know.  In a way I see his point, at the very least it would cover the cost of the yarn and I would be able to buy more yarn!  On the other hand, who would I sell it to?  Am I good enough to ask someone to give me money?

The one thing I know for sure is I want to make some various pieces, book marks, wash clothes, dish clothes, scarfs, hats, lapgahns etc., to give out at some assisted living homes around here.  I would like to have a few boxes full come December.  I just have to figure out how to fund this project and how to go about actually being allowed in to give these things to the residents.  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Here are a few examples of my work:





cowgirl set

On health note.

My food this week has been less than stellar.  It hasn’t been horrible, but could certainly use some improvement.  Something about cold weather makes me crave ice cream.  I don’t know why this is.  I probably have my Daddy to thank for that.  He always had ice cream and it seems like especially in the winter.

I’m getting ready to take the family Paleo.  This should be fun, and I am sure we will all be going through some sugar and carb withdrawals.  Please keep us in your prayers during this time.

Does anyone have a beginners Yoga dvd you would recomend?

‘Til next time!









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Breakfast Conversation a la Catherynn

Here is a little back story to help you appreciate what happened today.

Catherynn turned 6 in April and she recently completed Kindergarten.  She is a reader and a counter, and she can name her shapes and colors without flaw.

She is an aspiring ballerina and princess.

Catherynn is fearless.  The first to leap and the last to look.

Catherynn is also an accomplished snuggler.  She can find a way to wrap her body around yours that reminds me of snuggling with a spider monkey.

Often, you can find her over-loving any available cat or dog.

This morning’s conversation with Catherynn:

6:00 am

Catherynn:  Mommy?

Me (cracking my eyes open):  Yes, Catherynn?

Catherynn:  Mommy, I’m hungry.

Me:  What do you want to eat?

Catherynn:  Eggs!  Sunny side up.

Me:  Oh Cat.  It’s too early, I don’t want to get up just yet.

6:03 am

Catherynn:  Mommy?

Me:  Yes, Catherynn?

Catherynn:  Mommy, what else can I have?  I’m really hungry.

Me:  Toast?

Catherynn:  No

Me:  Cereal?

Catherynn:  We don’t have any.

Me:  Well, what sounds good to you?

Catherynn:  I don’t know.

Me:  Well, think about it.  If you want to wait for a little bit, I’ll fix eggs.

Catherynn  Ok, Mommy.

6:15 am

Catherynn:  Mommy?

Me:  Yes, Catherynn?

Catherynn:  Mommy, do you want me to make you a peanut butter sandwich?

Me:  That’s ok Catherynn.  I really don’t like peanut butter.

Catherynn:  Ok, Mommy.

6:25 am

Catherynn:  Mommy?

Me:  Yes, Catherynn?

Catherynn:  Mommy, are you sure you don’t want a peanut butter sandwich?  I make the best peanut butter sandwiches ever!

Me:  I’m sure you do make wonderful peanut butter sandwiches, but I really don’t like peanut butter.

Catherynn:  Ok, Mommy.

6:30 am

Catherynn:  Mommy?

Me:  Yes, Catherynn?

Catherynn:  Are you sure you don’t want me to fix you a sandwich?

Me:  Ok, Cat.  Make me one of your super awesome peanut butter sandwiches.

Catherynn:  Really?

Me:  Yes, really.

Catherynn:  But you don’t like peanut butter.

Me:  I know.  But you’ve talked about it so much, I have to try one of your sandwiches!

Catherynn:  Cool!

Then I hear “weeeeeee” as she runs into the kitchen.  The “weeeee” is followed by about 15 minutes of banging.

6:45 am

Catherynn:  Your most wonderful peanut butter sandwich, my queen (as she hands me a sandwich).

Me:  Thank you my princess.  Did you make you one?

Catherynn:  Not yet.  Going to do that now.

I then proceed to eat my sandwich.

7:00 am

Me:  Cat, are you ok?  Are you done yet?

Catherynn:  Just about.

Me:  What’s taking so long?

Catherynn:  Did you know Rocco Bama likes peanut butter?

Me:  No, I didn’t know that.  Don’t be feeding the cat our food, he has his own.

Catherynn:  Ok, Mommy.

7:05 am

Me:  Cat, are you done yet?

Catherynn:  No, not yet.

Me:  Catherynn, what is the hold up?

Catherynn:  Rocco’s head is stuck in the peanut butter jar.

Me:  Why is the cat’s head in the peanut butter jar?

Catherynn:  He likes peanut butter!

Catherynn:  Mommy, I can’t get his head out of the jar!

Me:  Leave him alone, maybe he can do it.

Catherynn:  Mommy, I think he is really stuck!

Me:  Why do you think that?

Catherynn:  Because, he got his head out  so I could make your sandwich!



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Out Of The Loop

As I’m slowly coming back from my stint of self banishment from social media, I find that I feel somewhat out of the loop. 

It feels strange trying to reach out to the twittermyfacebook folks that I have come to rely on.  Also, on the other hand I find myself being reluctant to reach out because we are leaving on vacation in 6 days.  Yes I will have my computer and phone with ample internet access.  But, that isn’t really the point of a vacation now is it?

With all that said, please know I am thinking of you and missing the interaction.  I will be back and better before you know it.

I’d like to leave you with the following poem that Carolyne, my 9-year-old left for her sister Catherynn to read after she left for camp on Monday.

I miss you

I miss you

I miss you

I do

But, don’t get excited

I miss Rocco too

Rocco, of course, being our cat, Rocco Bama.




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The Adorable Blog Award

Kristy over at Kristy Gets Fit sent me this award today.  Totally unexpected and completely made my day!  Thank you Kristy for reading and believing in me.  If ya’ll have a moment, head on over to her blog and show her some love and support!  Seriously.

The Rules:

Thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their blog.
Tell us 10 things about yourself.
Nominate other bloggers and let them know about the award

1.  I was born, raised and have lived in Texas my entire life, except for that year I spent in Florida.

2.  I am the proud mother of 4 very beautiful, smart, funny, loving and wild little girls that I affectionately call “The Wrecking Crew”.  Carolyne – 9, Catherynn – 6, Christyan – 5, and Camrynn – 21 months.

3.  My cat is named Rocco Bama.

4.  I became a Christian in December 2009.

5.  I crochet like nobody else’s business.

6.  My idea of a fun night out is a good band and lots ‘o beer.

7.  I love to cook, but loath having to clean up and do dishes.

8.  My favorite color is pink.

9.  This year on my birthday, I’ll be 29 with 7 years experience.

10.  I would love to go to (and finish for those of you who know me) nursing school.

Now the hard part.  I follow so many wonderful bloggers it is hard for me to narrow a list down.   These are the 5 that I would like to give this award to.  I’m not listing more just for simplicity’s sake.

Practically Perfect

Keep It Up David! 

Skinny Emmie

A Peine For Your Thoughts

All The Weigh


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Lemony Fresh

I adore lemons.  Which is rather peculiar, since I despise anything sour tasting. 

I should probably note that I don’t eat lemons alone. 

I drink Diet Coke with lemon. 

The birthday cake that stands out most in my mind was one that my Mama made.  It was lemon flavored with lemon icing decorated with lemon drops.

While lemon pie isn’t my favorite flavor of pie, it is in the top 2.

My obsession with lemon doesn’t just end at foods either.

When buying cleaning supplies for the house or car, they are always lemon scented.  I use lemon scented candles and Scentsy wax as well.  They have an unmistakable clean smell.

Do yourself a favor today, enjoy something lemony.



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When You Can’t Run, Cut It

I’m a huge fan of starting over.  Always have been.

When life gets stagnant, or it starts going in a direction I may not like, I’ve always found it easy and completely natural to pack up and move on.

Some may call it running, but I thought of it was a fresh start.

It can be a move around the corner, down the block, across town, to a new town/city or even to a different state. 

The distance I would move to start over never really mattered as much as the change of scenery and people.  I was very fortunate to meet some incredible people along the way.  Of course there were some sour apples, but those were easy enough to dispose of.

Now that I have a husband (one that I actually love and don’t want to be without) and kids, I can’t just pack up and start again.

That has probably been the hardest thing about being a parent for me.  When I grow bored with a place or situations surrounding me, I now have to stay and make things work.

Sure I could move with a husband and kids, hell we have several times, but not on a whim.  It is a lot trickier with others in tow.

Before if I had to sleep in the car or only had $5 to my name, it was only me that suffered.  I can’t and won’t put my kids through that.

So, what’s a girl who can longer just start over do?

Why, cut her hair of course!

I figure while I’m transforming my body and mind, my hair can have a fresh start as well!


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Phenomenon of Travel

When you travel with your family, what are the things that stand out?

Maybe once the trip is over, your family can spend hours by the fire or around a table telling of the immense country side beauty.  Perhaps your trip down memory lane includes tales of lavish shopping, fine dinning, or reviews of star studded plays.

Anytime travel with the family is for leisure, the majority of the pictures, videos and/or memories are of sights, sounds, smells and taste unlike what you can find at home.

So, why is it that my family’s idea of “sight-seeing” has nothing to do with things we can’t find at home?
I am sure at this point, you are wondering what hell it is our family does on trips.

Let me first say that when we travel, there are six of us.  On male and 5 females, all of whom are potty trained, except for one.

For an example, I’ll use our trip this past weekend to see my friends T & Bob.

They live in a small town in east Texas.  it is about a 4.5 to 5 hour drive there.  However, I bet that you did not know that there are 20 towns between our little town and theirs.  Well, technically there are more towns than that, I am speaking strictly on the route we take.

Many of these towns offer multiple restroom break options.  For arguments sake though, we will just call it 20.

For those of you who have ever traveled any distance with a child or children, you will appreciate this next statement:  When a child says “MOM, I gotta pee BAD!”, regardless of the fact that they just went 5 minutes ago, you heed the call or risk having the cloth interior of your car whizzed on (or worse).

This trip began like so many of our other trips begin; every one get a quick sip of water and go to the bathroom!  Yes, go try, even if you just went.  Followed promptly by a stern lecture on how we will not be stopping any where for at least 2 hours.

After everyone gets a drink and uses the restroom, we head out to the car to get seatbelted in.  Secured into our seats, we head off.

Five minutes into the trip, still in the town we live in, the 4-year-old, Christyan says “MOM, I gotta pee, BAD!”


“Really Christyan?  Didn’t you go at home?”

“Yes, but I am going to explode!”


I pull into the convenient store heading out-of-town.  I ask if anyone else needs a restroom break and in unison “No Mom”

Christyan finished up her business and we proceeded down the road.

The next town is about 5 minutes away.  I hear a small voice from the back seat “Mama, I got to pee.”


“Really Catherynn?”

Catherynn, our 5-year-old, assured me she knew exactly what she was talking about.


Same routine as the first time.  “Does anyone else have to go potty?”



Ok, let’s go Catherynn.

Once Catherynn was finished and while she was putting her seat belt back on, I checked the baby “just to be safe”.  More like “just to jinks myself”.

About 10 miles down the road Camrynn, the 17-month-old, began whining a little.  Then the smell hit.


I whip off the highway at a wide spot in the road where the “town” is made up of 2 liquor stores.  Before so many of the smaller towns in Texas went wet or started selling alcohol, it was not uncommon to find these “towns” made up of only liquor stores situated about half way between 2 slightly bigger towns.

Anyways, I quickly cleaned Camrynn up and got her happy again, and we were off like a herd of turtles, heading east on the highway.

It is about a 15 mile stretch to the next town.  Once it came into view the 9-year-old, Carolyne, pipes up “MOM!  I have to pee!”


“Really Carolyne?  Does anyone else have to go?  This is ABSOLUTELY the last time we stop until we get dinner!”

“No Mom”.


At least Carolyne can take herself, but she is s-l-o-w.

On the road again…

As we pull into the next town 8 miles down the road, I realized that during all of the confusion, I had forgotten to go to the restroom.


I pull into a truck stop and ask “Anyone need to go?”

“No” followed by a bunch of giggling.


Wouldn’t you know it.  Ten miles down the road, Chris announced that he needed to stop.


“Really Chris?”

Luckily, after Chris’s pit stop it was about 30 miles to the next restroom option.

Sure enough, we had to stop.


Thirty more miles and we were in the town where we were going to get dinner – to go.

We all went to the restroom while we waited for our dinner to be made.

I kid you not though, we played restroom tag in ever, single town until we reached T & Bob’s house.

Ask us about any trips we go on, just be prepared for a run down of all the restroom facilities between our point of origin and our final destination.

The official count for this 5 hour trip was 22 restroom breaks and 4 diaper changes.

Happy Travelling!




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