Oops, Already

I had intended to start 2013 off on a high note, with a recap of 2012 and an official weigh in.

Yea, that didn’t happen.

Monday night as we were getting dressed to go out for New Years Eve I dressed my 3 year old, Camrynn, and was playing around with her. Then I patted her on the bottom and told her to go get her shoes on. When I did she grabbed her bottom and started screaming and crying. Naturally it scared the shit out of me. I grabbed her and asked what was wrong and she just kept saying “my pooper”. I took her pants back off her and had a look.

That’s when I found a golf ball sized knot on her bottom. It was really swollen and red with a tiny black center. I rubbed my finger across it and it was feverish and caused her a lot of pain. My poor baby.

Honestly I thought it was an abscess. Whatever it was, we were going to the emergency room.

At the first ER the wait was approximately 4 hours and at the second they were saying 6 hours but also suggesting people go across town to ER #1.

There was absolutely no way I was going to wait on New Years Eve in an ER with 4 kids, by myself. Especially with a 3 year old who was in so much pain. I elected to drive to a smaller hospital about 30 minutes away.

Once we got to the smaller ER, she was registered and seen by the doctor within 10 minutes of our arrivals.

The doc took one look at Camrynn’s butt and said that it is brown recluse spider bite. OMG. How did I miss that? Naturally she is too young for the medicine they “would like to give”. Camrynn was put on some very strong antibiotics and we are to follow up with her regular doctor today.

Yesterday her bottom was looking better and she seemed to be feeling a lot better as well, until evening. At about 5 pm she kept crying and crying that her “pooper was broke”.

Right now I’m just praying the antibiotics work and there is no or very minimal tissue loss.

The other girls go back to school tomorrow. Hopefully that and getting Camrynn to the doctor will let life slow down a little and I can actually write a blog.


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