Wake Up Call

Over the past few days, I’ve really had to do some pretty tough soul-searching.

This coming Saturday, October 1, will mark my 1 year Blogiversary.

Not much has changed.  I was hoping and praying that by this time there would be significant change in me physically, emotional and mentally.

So what has happened?  Lack of commitment.  Plain and simple.  For me it has been hard to stay committed to a diet change and exercise routine when I am met by resistance from my husband and kids.  They have not been thrilled by the changes I have tried to implement.  Inevitably after a few days of arguing, I usually cave and just give in to what they want.

But maybe, just maybe, my husband has had a wake up call.

Not only do I have diabetes, we have recently discovered that he does as well.

This just further solidifies to me, and now him, that we are not living in a healthy way.  We are not teaching our children healthy habits.

We are planning to sit down later tonight or tomorrow and have a good hard look at our lives.  Every detail.

I will be sure to let you guys know what we come up to.

Chris is at least realizing now that he has no choice but to change his diet and start exercising.



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One response to “Wake Up Call

  1. Elizabeth

    Thanks for sharing with us Christi. I can’t imagine how it is for both of you guys to have diabetes. Joseph is about 300lb now and has severe triglyceride problems. I’m scared to death for us both. He is actively making an effort to do better though this is our first day. I want a long healthy life with him. Please keep us posted as to how y’all are doing in the journey.

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