As It Once Was

I was born in 1975.

By my parents standards, the world had already changed and became “mean”, as they put it.

Even in this “mean” world, growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s, I was still privileged to many experiences my children will never know.

I was allowed to play outside while my parents remained in the house.  If they had worries of me wandering off or getting snatched by a stranger, they weren’t enough for them to keep me from going out.

The way the world is today, I am terrified of letting my kids out of my direct line of sight.

At 9 years old, my oldest daughter is just now allowed to take out the trash or run to the car without me hovering over her.

As a child I was allowed to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings, mainly because that was the only time they came on the one television channel we had.

Now days, we have over 100 channels and you can find cartoons on 24 hours per day.  In fact, my children believe cartoons should be a permanent fixture on our tv.

I mention all of this because today as i was watching the 9/11 tributes, it occurred to me that my children will never live in a world were they are 100% safe.

I suppose, technically, this is true of all of us.  Most of use just had the luxury of ignorance.

At 9, 6 & 5 years old, my kids already have questions and fear surrounding the events of 9/11.

They can’t wrap  their heads around why other people intentionally harm people they don’t know.

It is such a catch 22 situation.  We strive to raise our girls with love and compassion for their fellow-man, regardless of gender, ethnicity, skin color or religion.

But it’s hard.  After all, they are constantly bombarded by information on this person did such -n- such to that person, that person dislikes this person because their way of life doesn’t align precisely with the other persons belief system…ethnicity, religion…blah, blah, blah.

Do you see my point?  How do you raise your children to be compassionate and loving for others, all the while remaining cautious and leery of them?

With all that said…

Image via Yahoo images

Ten years ago today, I was 6 months pregnant with my oldest daughter, Carolyne.  I was at my parents house, laying in my Daddy’s bed, watching tv, when the first plane struck the first tower.

I immediately went to the kitchen to tell my Dad what had just happened.

I remember him saying how strange it seemed for a plane to be flying that low.

I went back to continue watching the news coverage of the events.

After the second plane struck, my Dad said “We are under attack.”

My Dad and I continued watching the news coverage the rest of the day.

I later learned that my husband, Chris (whom I didn’t know at the time) was on the George Washington bridge, with his cousin and brother, headed out of New York at the time of the attacks.

Once they got over into Pennsylvania, they stopped in a town not far from where the flight 93 crashed.

They had originally planned on taking Chris’s brother into Manhattan to sight see, i.e.  statue of liberty, time square, twin towers etc.  Instead they decided that morning to push on because they had the opportunity to make more $$$.

Imagine how different life would be had they gone into Manhattan.  It is actually really scary for me to think about.  The Lord was certainly looking out for them that day.

Where were you/what were you doing on 9/11?

Image via Yahoo images

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  1. Elizabeth

    Wow I did not know that about Chris. Things could of really been much different. I was in bed and Joseph called and told me to turn the TV on. I don’t like to relive all that because it was so unbelieveable but needless to say, it is something I will NEVER forget.

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