Weigh In 9-5-11 & Days 25 – 28

Previous Weight:     325.2 lbs

Current Weight:     326.0 lbs

+/-:  +0.8 lbs

It pains me to post that.  I really don’t know where I went wrong. 

Ok, that’s a lie.  I know exactly what happened.

  • I ate too much
  • I ate carbs
  • I didn’t exercise

This past Thursday when I snuck in a weight check, I was down to 321.4 lbs.  By Monday I was back up to 326.0 lbs.  WTH?

Saturday we had my youngest daughters second birthday party.  I was very diligent about watching what I ate.  I just didn’t mind how much I ate.  Bad idea folks. 

Then the muffin in a minute I had in my arsenal to ward off the evil cupcakes tasted like nothing.  The texture was very similar to corn meal, and honestly I wanted to roll some catfish in it, deep fry it, and dip it in tarter sauce.

After about 2 torturous hours with those evil little cupcakes, I caved.  I ate one, and only one.  The most amazing part of eating that cupcake was it only raised my blood sugar about 12 points.  I was expecting a huge spike.

But non the less, it was enough carbs to derail all the hard work I put in during the previous week. 

On Sunday I was having some gallbladder issues, and really didn’t eat much of anything.

Today however, I lost complete control.  I ate 2 candy bars.  I know you can’t deprive yourself.  But I don’t feel that stopping at 1 piece of candy is deprivation.  I can’t tell you what I was thinking.  I wanted to eat it.  It made me feel good, for a little while, then the sugar wore off and I crashed.

Good news is I am figure out what I can and can’t eat.  Mostly though I am figuring out my triggers.



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