Menus A la Christi

I’ve been working on a low carb menu all weekend.  It takes some imagination to not fall into a rut when you are eating low carb.  Luckily there is this new fangled handy-dandy thing called “Google” that helps tremendously!

Even with that, I did do some repetitive meals, simply because it will take a while for me to build up my pantry supplies.  I plan on buying different low carb “essentials” every week until I am well stocked. 

So, without further ado. 

I present to you a weeks worth of low carb meals a la Christi…

Breakfast:  Omlette (bacon, mushrooms, onions and cheese)     3.625 Net Carbs
Lunch:  Cobb Salad (lettuce mix, boiled egg, bacon, blue cheese, ranch dressing)     6.2 Net Carbs
Dinner:  Grilled chicken breast, salad     5.4 Net Carbs
Snack:  Whey protein shake (made with unsweetened vanilla almond breeze)     4 Net Carbs
Breakfast:  Poached eggs with avocado     1.4 Net Carbs
Lunch:  Salad with grilled chicken breast and ranch     5.4 Net Carbs
Dinner:  Stuffed bell peppers and salad     11.7 Net Carbs
Snack:  Prosciutto, cheese cubes and sugar-free cherry cream soda     2.o5 Net Carbs
Breakfast:  Garden Frittata     4.3 Net Carbs
Lunch:  Tuna Salad (mayo, onion) over salad mix, hot bacon vinaigrette     4.65 Net Carbs
Dinner:  Hamburger steak with sautéed onion, bell pepper, mushrooms and cheese     7.95 Net Carbs
Snack:   Salad and 1/2 serving fritatta with hot bacon vinaigrette, cherry cream soda     4.75 Net Carbs
Breakfast:  Garden frittata      4.3 Net Carbs
Lunch:  Sirloin strips over salad     5.4 Net Carbs
Dinner:  Cabbage rolls     10 Net Carbs
Snack:  Whey protein shake     4 Net Carbs
Breakfast:  Omlette     3.625 Net Carbs
Lunch:  Cobb salad      6.2 Net Carbs
Dinner:  Ribeye steak, steamed broccoli and salad     10.5 Net Carbs
Snack:  Cherry cream soda      1 Net Carb
Breakfast:  eggs and bacon     .9 Net Carbs
Lunch:  chili with onions, cheese and sour cream     6.3 Net Carbs
Dinner:  Meat loaf, salad and faux mash taters with cheese     7.69 Net Carbs
Snack:  Muffin in a minute and cherry cream soda     4.2 Net Carbs
Breakfast:  Garden frittata     4.3 Net Carbs
Lunch:  Cobb Salad     6.2
Dinner:  Pork tenderloin with creamy mustard sauce, salad and broccoli     9.6 Net Carbs

That is it.  Nothing fancy.  It’s all pretty simple and straight forward. 

On Saturday, Sept. 3 we are having Camrynn’s 2nd birthday party.  I have a plan of making the muffin in a minute to help ward off cupcakes.  Those evil little bastards lurk around and jump in my mouth every chance they get.

Another thing you may have noticed about my menu is snacks.  They are always optional, I simply worked them in, just in case I need something more.  And I have an enormous sweet tooth, hence the cherry cream soda. 

Something else I am doing this week is only having 1 diet coke per day.  I will not buy any to keep in the house nor will I go purchase one.  If/when I get my diet coke, it will be because Chris brings me one.  I have tried in the past to quit diet coke cold turkey, and failed miserably.  I think the gradual reduction of diet coke is the better approach.

The last new thing I am doing this week is the 5K in 100 days program.  I start in the morning.  I got my spiffy new running shoes yesterday.  I am really looking forward to this part. 

As you may or may not know, completing a marathon on or before my 40th birthday is a major goal of mine.  This is the first step towards that and I am super excited about getting started.  I actually started the program at the beginning of the summer and due to health issues I quit.  I probably shouldn’t have, but I did.  I’m back now though!

Tomorrow is day 1 of my #7daychip challenge (yes, again).  I am ready to let the fat fly (off me that is!).

Tomorrow is weigh in…

C-ya then!



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5 responses to “Menus A la Christi

  1. Great menu planning … I get so tired of hearing how it costs so much more to eat healthy. I’ve found that through proper planning, I actually save money. I’ll be following your blog.

    Good luck in good health,

  2. Elizabeth

    Thank you for the menu stuff! Have fun on the running thing. I want to do that so bad but my neurosurgeon hasn’t cleared me for that yet 😦

  3. WOW – Menus a la Christi look delicious! I want a garden frittata. RIGHT. NOW. Can you fed-ex me one?

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