Once I’s Vs. When I’s

It’s a shame that I have so many more “Once I           , I will”s than I do “When I           , I did”s.

You know the story…

Once I lose weight, I will           .

Once I get a degree, I will           .

Once I have more money, I will           .

So, I was thinking about it today.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with having dreams and aspirations, I want my list to be much more full of the “When I, I did”s…

When I lost weight, I bought the wardrobe of my dreams.

When I got my degree, I found a fulfilling job.

When I had more money, I paid off all of my debt.

When I started eating right and being more active, I set a better example for my family.

When I finally took charge of my life, I lived a long and productive life.

Just as some examples.  But, I can tell you this…

When I finish this blog, I am getting off my ass to start living, rather than continue sitting here, dying slowly, spewing about all of my “Once I”s.

Another step in achieving my “When I”s, new kicks!

I am now the proud owner of these shoes!  5k in 100 days, I am ready.



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