Day 12 & 13

I woke up yesterday pissy.  Ok, maybe pissy is to nice of a word.  I was bitchy.  Sorry, but sometimes you have to admit that a duck quacks.

My mother and I took the wrecking crew, in shifts, school clothes shopping.  I didn’t really feel horrible, but I didn’t feel good either.  Then last night Chris and I had a “date night” while mom watched the girls for us.  I didn’t really feel up for it, but when you have 4 kids, you tend to take advantage of alone time with your spouse when you can manage it. 

Chris decided to take me to Outback because I could get my normal steak, steamed veggies and a salad.  When the fried mushrooms made it to the table, I caved.  The mushrooms them selves weren’t the end of the world.  The breading I could have done without, but honestly I didn’t really eat enough of the breading to make a huge effect on my blood sugar.  But, the creamy, yummy baked potato did.  I have a huge weakness for all things potato.  Baked, fried, pancakes, au gratin, ect.  I just felt so bad, I wanted comfort food.

After dinner, Chris and I went to the races.  We had a good time walking around, talking to everyone and watching the races.  We finally made it home about 2 am.  At that time I was hungry again, after all it had been about 8 hours since we ate dinner.  Chris decided to run to Whataburger to pick us up something to eat. 

So yes, I fully expected for my blood sugar to be high and to feel like crap today.  However, when I got up this morning my blood sugar was only 154 mg/dl.  All the walking we did yesterday apparently helped a little anyways.

What about today?  Today wasn’t much better.   I woke up with a horrible headache and my monthly visitor was here.  Needless to say, I haven’t exactly stayed on track today.  I haven’t even checked my blood sugar again.  I know it is high, I can feel it. 

On the plus side, my toes are doing much better! 

Tomorrow is weigh in day.  I don’t expect much because of my visitor.  She always, always brings unwelcomed water weight.  Also tomorrow I am back to day 1 of my #7daychip challenge.  Not to mention she is a whole freaking week early.  Apparently I am no longer on an exact 28 day cycle, I am not on a 21 day cycle.  Sigh.

I really have to figure out how to get past the weekends AND this special time of the month without completely wrecking all the work I put in during the week.  I know ultimately it will come down to will power. 

Tomorrows menu will look like this:

Breakfast:  1 scrambled egg with cheese wrapped in a low carb tortilla

Lunch:  Chicken club from Chick-fil-A minus the buns (Mondays are bills day, and I never home during lunch)

Dinner:  Boneless skinless chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese,  onion, jalapeno and cheddar cheese then wrapped with bacon and baked.  I will serve broccoli and/or cauliflower steamed with a little butter.

Snack:  I don’t know yet.  Maybe some beef jerky or glass of almond breeze.

Oh, I got a new Biggest Loser DVD that I plan on starting tomorrow.  It’s an indoor walking workout.

Can’t wait until I get to re-join the Y.  I really enjoyed it when I use to go!

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  1. Elizabeth

    Boy I understand that monthly visitor. Or for me the 3 times a month or 1 time every two months. I am so messed up and it really messes with my cravings and weight. Your menu sounds super yummy for today. I have indoor walking tapes. When I do them, they do quite well. The catch is, I have to do them and not just look at the dvd gathering dust in front of my TV. Hehe.

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