Day 10

Nothing really new to report today. 

My blood sugar stayed under 200 all day yesterday.  In fact my highest blood sugar all day was after dinner at 161.  I am happy for that.

Since some of you are wondering about some of the things I eat, here is another example.

I bake bacon until it is almost crisp then I place it on paper towel to soak up the grease.  Once enough of the grease has been absorbed by the paper towel, I wrap the bacon around cubes of cheese.

Gasp, I know!    That is my issue with low carb too.  So sometimes when I am feeling guilty about all the bacon I can eat, I’ll use turkey bacon.

For the most part I try to choose leaner meats to eat.  But bacon is sooo damned good.  I can’t say that I am really all that sad about bacon being a part of my diet.

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One response to “Day 10

  1. Elizabeth

    Yummm…………bacon is meat candy. I use turkey bacon but nothing is as yummy as the real thing. Anyway, that sounds super good. Bacon makes all food taste better. Hehe.

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