Day 8

So, yesterday was day 8 of this “learning how to eat to lose weight and control my blood sugar” campaign.

It started out ok enough.  My blood sugar was 161 when I woke up.  I watched my carbs all day and by dinner time my blood sugar was 138.

Chris called and said he was going to pick up some chicken for him and the girls, what did I want?  I didn’t hesitate to order nachos and burrito from my favorite fast food Mexican restaurant.

Call it ignorance.  Call it arrogance.  Call it stupidity.  But I learned just because my sugar is down, don’t mean it won’t jump 150 points after eating carb loaded crap.  After dinner my sugar was something like 275 mg/dl.  And I could feel it.  As soon as I ate, I could feel my sugar getting higher.  I became tired and listless.  Just felt bad.

I did learn though.  And that really is the point.  Hopefully it won’t completely derail the weight loss I experienced this past week.

While I am on day 8 of the campaign, technically I am back to day 1 of the #7daychip challenge.  I am ok with that!



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4 responses to “Day 8

  1. heli

    Back on the horse! I’m a little confused as to what you thought would happen, and why you didn’t just choose chicken like the rest of the family, but we all make senseless choices sometimes. Live and learn. 🙂

    For what it’s worth, I have a behavioral strategy regarding foods that do not help me achieve my health/fitness/weightloss goals: delay, delay, delay. Nachos and burritos are not going away. They will always be available. Your goals right now are to get healthy, control your blood sugar, lose some weight, and establish new habits. Focus on those goals and keep your eyes on the prize: a healthy you. Fast food nachos and burritos won’t help you reach those goals today, but they will be waiting for you later, at which point you can reassess your need/desire for them. Later could be tomorrow, next month, in a year, or when you reach your goal weight. I go through this thought process every time I am faced with a decision about a food that I know is not going to help me reach my goals. Sometimes I choose the food, sometimes I choose to have it another time. It has become second nature, especially with silly easy-to-get things like commercially-made treats. For example, Reeses PB Cups are NOT going to disappear off the face of the earth if I don’t eat one now so it’s easy for me to delay.

    Also, have you tried lowcarb tortillas? I’m a lowcarb lifer and do not use very many lowcarb specialty products, but tortillas work for me and don’t derail my weightloss. I still eat burritos and tacos, but I use lowcarb tortillas which have more protein, more fiber, are more filling, and best of all allow me to continue losing weight. I had a lowcarb breakfast burrito today, in fact. Yum.

    Good luck! You can do this!

    • The real point is I wasn’t thinking! Or I was letting my stomach make the decisions. Either way I let my guard down. I have a real weakness when it comes to food, so I will just have to remain focused about my food choices.
      I’m not mad it happened. But I am determined to not let it happen again.
      And you are 100% correct. These foods aren’t going anywhere and now is not the time to indulge, but stick with my plan. And maybe at some point ill get past the food as reward mentality!?

  2. Just keep plugging away and reflecting on your daily experiences on this journey so that you can learn from them. I’ve found that since I’ve started blogging about my mundane daily numbers/diet/workouts that I’ve been able to monitor and adjust my activities and diet more effectively from one day to the next. Its a growth process, but, kudos on taking part in the process at all! You’re on your way! 😉

  3. Melissa K

    You can do it girl. One mistake is ok, especially since you learned from it. 🙂

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