Weigh In 8-15-2011 & Day 6

Previous Weight:     328.2 lbs

Current Weight:      324.2 lbs

+/-:     -4 lbs

Whoop!  This is me doing my happy dance….oh yea you can’t see me.  Trust me, I”m dancing!

There isn’t much to say about day 6 really.  At this point my eating is status quo. 

My blood sugar did stay under 200 all day.  In fact, the highest it was all day was 191 mg/dl.  That is huge for me.  Still too high, but it’s on its way down!

Still can’t wear shoes because of my toes.  Yes, they are tons better, but still a bit tender.  Rather than push the issue, I am going to wait another week before trying to wear tennis shoes.  So we will be doing some shoe-less exercising around the house this week.


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  1. Congrats on the nice loss 🙂

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