Day 7

I started day 7 with a fasting blood sugar of 161 mg/dl. 

Naturally I assumed it would just go up from there.  However, 161 mg/dl is a way lower starting point for the day than I am use to.

3/4ths of the wrecking crew start back to school next Monday.  I figured I had procrastinated enough, it was time for school supply shopping.

Well, 5 stores and $300 later, all three girls are sufficiently supplied up!  It was a long and painful day. 

We ate out for lunch, which we are trying to avoid doing.  I have found that at Chick-Fil-A I can get the chargrilled chicken club and not eat the buns (basically chicken, bacon, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles), and it doesn’t run my sugar up.  Score.

At 6 pm we were still school supply shopping.  Dinner time.  So we decided to just grab something.  We went to a local steak house where I had the chopped steak with grilled onions and mushrooms and a side of steamed veggies.  I finished my meal with a nice big salad.  I even had 1/2 a dinner roll.  

 Two hours later my blood sugar was only 144 mg/dl.  144!  I can’t even tell you the last time my blood sugar was 144.  I ate out, twice, and still managed to get my blood sugar down!  Whoop. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this makes me.  Not to be spending the money eating out, but the fact that I can manage when I have to.

On a side not, I have noticed that I am feeling much better.  I don’t feel so run down all the time.  I am anxious for these toes to finish up healing.  I plan on re-starting my 5k in 100 days program! 

Look out world…Christi’s on fire!



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  1. Elizabeth

    I am so proud of you Christi!!!!!!!!!!!! Post sometime what you cook for yourself and the family when you are at home. I could use some ideas.

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