Day 5

Day 5 folks, day 5.  I ‘ve never made it this far on a first attempt. 

I am really proud of the fact that I have stuck to my plan fairly diligently.

With that said, yesterday for lunch I deviated.  A lot.  We were out running errands and it was lunch time, all six of use were starving!

I was in the mood for mexican, so when Chris suggested El Chico I didn’t hesitate one bit. 

Before going in, I made the commitment with Chris that I would only eat a few chips and at dinner I was back on track 100%.

I stuck with it, I ate a few chips and for lunch I ordered the steak fajita revolutionary tacos. OMG they are so good.  I order them every time we go there.  And you can’t forget the top shelf guacamole.  Y-U-M-M-Y!

After we finished lunch we went to Home Depot, Lowes, back to Home Depot then Wal-Mart.

Since on day 4 and yesterday morning my blood sugar had been in the mid 200’s I really was expecting to see my blood sugar up around 300 mg/dl.

However when I check my blood sugar after lunch it was only 158 mg/dl! 

The only thing I can really figure was all the walking we did really helped my blood sugar level.  Actually, I was kind of thinking it was a fluke and when I got home and checked it again it would be sky-high.  That just wasn’t the case though!  After dinner my blood sugar was a little higher at 191 mg/dl.  No where near the mid 200’s to 300’s that I am use to hovering around.

Because of day 5, this next week will be an experiment with exercise along with my continued carb monitoring.

Tomorrow is weigh in day, I am super anxious to see my numbers in the morning.  I am taking my camara to bed with me to document (if I don’t forget to actually take the picture).

Until then…



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One response to “Day 5

  1. Good luck for weigh in…you deserve a drastic number drop.

    But bear in mind that with your exercising, you may see more improvement on your body that on the scale – because you’re turning mush into muscle, so although fat’s going, you’re gaining muscle.

    Hope it continues going well – congrats for getting this far!!!:P

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