Day 4

I managed to keep it together another day.  I was hungry and had a MAJOR sweet tooth.

Finally, I did bend a little and made a sort of chocolate moose to help satisfy my need for something sweet. 

Since I am following the low carb plan, I used heavy whipping cream, stevia and cocoa powder and whipped it all together until it was almost a soft butter consistency.

Was it sweet?   Well yes, but had that  artificial sweetener flavor.

Was it chocolate-y?  Yes, maybe even a little too much so.

Was it creamy?  Oh yes!  Super, super creamy.

Was it good?  Hell no!  But it did help to nicks my craving for something sweet.

Would I make it again?  Only if I get extremely desperate, again.

My sugar hovered in the mid 200’s.  That part wasn’t good.  The good news is my impromptu desert didn’t seem to affect it!   Also, the fact that my sugar hovered in the mid 200’s will be important when I tell tomorrows story!




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