Day 2

Did you notice the title of this blog?  That’s right folks day 2.  Not day 1 again.  I managed to successfully hit all of my food goals for 2 consecutive days.  This is a huge break through for me.

For the most part, I am really proud of day 2.  I did still drink diet coke, all day long, ugg!  My blood sugars are hovering between the low 200’s and mid 200’s.

Still not low enough.  But without watching my carbs I hover around 300 mg/dl.  Even fasting.

So yea, still not where they need to be, but already a vast improvement.

I had every intention of not having any diet coke whatsoever today.  FAIL!

When I first got up this morning without a second thought, I went straight for the diet coke.  It is afternoon now and I’ve already sucked down half of a 2 liter.

I am not going to be able to keep any diet coke in the house. 

As far as food goes, I really think I did well.  Lots of protein, limited carbs.

Best thing about a low carb diet is I am not hungry.

Sure, I get hungry.   But after I eat I am full and satisfied.  I’ve even had to remind myself to eat.

The true test comes on Monday when I do my weekly weigh in.

Aside from the diet coke, day 3 is shaping up to be great!


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