Day 1

Yes, I know, I have used this title before and we have all seen it many, many times.

The problem with publicly proclaiming what day you are on is if you are  a perpetual day 1’er like I am, the title “Day 1” can quickly become the redundant them of  your life.

I am happy to report that I am not on day 1!  I am actually on day 2, this is just a recap of yesterday.  So there! 😉

Yesterday I was 100% and diligent with my food and tracking my carbs.

I didn’t get in any real exercise (besides housework), frankly it’s because I am lazy.  And the part of Texas that I live in is working on 60+ days of 100+ degree weather.

This  brutal, unrelenting heat sucks the life right out of me.   The AC in the house runs 24/7 and it is barely tolerable in here.

I can’t believe I am actually saying this, but recently I have been longing for the days of ice and snow.  Which I normally dislike far more than the heat!

I am going back to the YMCA when the girls go back to school.  Until then I’ll try to do something around the house to get my heart pumping.

I did notice that my blood sugars have not responded as well this week as they did during the experiment week at my mom’s house.

I have a sneaking suspicion it has to do with my diet coke habit.

While at mom’s, I only drank like 1 the whole week.  This time I haven’t put it down yet.  I’ve been dragging my feet and hoping I could keep my blood sugar in check without having to give up diet coke.

Alas, I know they have to go.  I know they aren’t healthy for you at any time, little alone when battling diabetes.  I remember reading somewhere that diet coke can also be a contributing factor for dieters who fail to make progress losing weight.

I’ve been having some feet issues, i.e. in grown toenails (gack!  I sound old!).  The reason I mention this is because I want to learn to run.  I have grand marathon aspirations, remember?

Brad at Brad Gansberg has a free running program called Learn to run 5k in 100 days.  I am dying to get back into the groove of it.

When I first got sick and discovered I was diabetic, I was forced to put it on hold for a while.  And now my stupid toes hurt and feel like they are on fire if you touch them.

If you are interested in learning to run, be sure to check out Brad and the 5k in 100 days program.  He offers a running schedule, video lessons, encouragement and support.  And the price is right! 🙂

That’s it for the day 1 recap!

C-ya tomorrow.


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  1. I would say to do whatever you can think of to get the blood pumping! …and yes, get the toe checked out! In the mean time, could you pedal on a stationary bike in some flip-flops? I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in March (age 35) and it has served as part of my motivation to run. New Year’s 2011 I was 255. Started training in February for an April 5K using the tread mill and elliptical at the local Y before moving into some slow jogs outside. I’ve kept at it, run a total of four 5K’s and am now down to 228.6 with my blood sugar well under control. I wish you the best and will check back in with you.

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