A Numbers Game

The realization that I am actually diabetic has sunk in. 

Since I have elected to try to manage this with diet and exercise, I needed to know where I was starting from.

Without any sort of restriction to my diet and minimal exercise, my blood sugar levels hover around 300 mg/dl.


Last week I took the kids to my moms.  While we were there, I really worked on keeping my carb intake to less than 20.  Within 24 hours I could already see a huge improvement in my blood sugar.  I even spent days without going over 200 mg/dl, which I realize is still too high, but such a vast improvement.  And that was with minimal exercise.

I now just have to figure out how to eat low carb and not gain weight (hopefully even losing weight). 

Priority number one is now to go grocery shopping.  I have to be prepared.  When I am not prepared with food choices at home, I tend to run out to eat (fast food or other wise). 

The thing I did learn last week was if I can keep my blood sugar levels in check and lose this weight, I think I may be able to avoid taking medications.

Of course at this point it is all a numbers game. 

We shall see!


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3 responses to “A Numbers Game

  1. Melissa K

    Oh Christi! I am praying for you! I hope you are able to keep it all in check with diet and exercise!! That would be wonderful!!! Thinking of you!

  2. Elizabeth

    Please let us (err…..mostly me 😉 ) know what you learn in the no carb department. I am so needing to lessen my carbs it’s not funny. I’m only a half step behind you in this department when it comes to diabetes, blood sugar and weight.

  3. Christi…I learned that I was diabetic in March of this year, but, bad enough so that my doctor put me on Metformin in order to help control it. Since then, I’ve done a couple of things that have me going in a positive direction:
    1. running – I would recommend something like the “Couch To 5K” plan. Its not exactly what I did, but, along the same lines. In addition, google 5K for your area and commit to completing one scheduled a 3-4 months down the road without walking. Having registered for it paid your fee (you usually get a free shirt!) is helpful in the motivation/stick-to-it department. http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml
    2. Minimizing bread/cookie/etc intake. The best way to do this, from my experience, is to replace those things that one would usually snack on that are pure carbs with other items that, while still providing some carbs, provide a health benefit (e.g., fruit, nuts, vegetables, etc.). I’m experimenting with the paleo diet a bit at the suggestion of a friend, though, I am in no way committed to it. But, I’ve been relatively successful in decreasing my grains intake if not ousting grains altogether. The one benefit that I can see for sure is that it forces me to eat a lot more vegetables and fruit that I would have otherwise, just to stay satisfied. We’ll see how long I stick with it, though.
    All in all I’ve gone from 255 lbs on 1/1/11 to 228 this week and I’m feeling better, at 35, than I’ve felt in at least a decade.
    I admire your faith and will keep up with your posts on this journey. Above all, I pray that you find what is best for you to get healthier for yourself and your family. Feel free to check in on my blogs, too. One is focused on my health while my other main blog is more of a general reflections collection. Check ’em out:
    Drop It 26.2 http://dropit26point2.wordpress.com
    Meanders http://gracemark.wordpress.com


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