Game Changer

As most of you are aware, I’ve been in a funk for the past few months.   I’ve been physically tired, run down, listless.  Mentally I can’t seem to get it together and often find that I have been reduced to a weeper and crier.  I have never had these problems before.  So what the hell is going on?

I finally have some answers.  Although the news doesn’t make me happy at all, I can’t say that I am all that surprised. 


Yikes!  I said it.  Putting it out there seems to make it even more real.  Further more, it is embarrassing because I have had every tool at my disposal, I had years to reduce my risk.  Instead I have ignored ever single warning and sign I have received over the years, i.e. immediate family history, gestational diabetes, doctors urging to lose weight and exercise ect.

I have taken for granted my health.  For years I was able to eat, drink and do anything I wanted, despite my weight. 

So I have to wonder, will this be the wake up call that I need?  I certainly hope so. 

For the time being, my exercise/diet will be aimed at lowering and controlling my blood sugars.  I will be using the low glycemic index/modified low carb diet to begin with.  Hopefully this coupled with at least 30 minutes of exercise per day will result in weight loss and eventually a return of my blood sugar levels to a normal range.

Anyone else have success controlling their blood sugar with diet and exercise?



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3 responses to “Game Changer

  1. Elizabeth

    I can understand so much. This week I got my blood work done and it was horrible. I have no idea why my doctor won’t just say diabetes. I guess because there was another abnormality she wants to treat first. Anyway, it was so frustrating because I was exercising just about everyday and watching my sugars and still the results were bad. So I got angry and havent exercised all week. I know it is irrational but I am just like, well if it didn’t help anyway why bother? I pray that your health will get better and diet and exercise will help you and you will see changes quickly. Please keep me posted, I totally understand. Love ya.

  2. Teresa

    I wish you lots of luck with this. I have been overweight myself for years and I know how it is. You know all the risks but until you are ready to loose the weight, you won’t. It is as simple as that. I have lost 68lbs and am working for more.
    What is weird is my husband was never over wieght. He gained some weight not long ago which was huge for him. He gained about 40lbs and he was the one that ended up with type 2 diaetes and high blood pressure. He is usually small, around 150lbs. He has since lost the weight but has to still watch his sugar.
    You can do it,, just have faith in yourself and take it one day at a time. I know that is easier said than done because I had heard that for years but once you get you mind around the idea it works.

  3. I am so sorry you got this news! My “breaking point” was when I was developing diabetes and that’s when I decided to lose the weight. I know you must be feeling scared and frustrated right now. 😦 Hugs!

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