Vegas Recap (Sorta)

I’ve been trying to write this post for the past couple of days.  The truth is,  about 2 hours after landing in Vegas, everything really started blurring together.  I can’t tell you what we did each day.  I can’t tell you if we went to Hoover on day 2 or day 8.  I do know we went to Hoover after staying up all night, with the top down on our rented convertible Mustang.  I can tell you that it was a hot trip, and I was extremely irritable and could give a flip less about Hoover.  But we went.

I can’t tell you if it was day 1 or 9 that we discovered the Queen Victoria Pub at the Riviera.  They had a lovely beer (ale?) called Boddington that is from Manchester, England.  I swear to you it was ice-cold off the tap and just like drinking velvet.  Two of the little buggers gave me quite the buzz.

In fact I am positive that alcohol plays a huge role in my memory lapse.  While I never got drunk, I did get and keep a buzz for most of the 9 days we spent in Vegas.  I rarely drink any more, so it really didn’t take much!

I don’t know if it was day 4 or 7 that I fell off the bar stool and the pit boss at Jerry’s Nugget felt so bad for me he comped us desert and coffee at 2 a.m.  Right before they intentionally cut power to the entire casino.  Talk about cool!

What I do know is, I HAD A FREAKING BLAST IN VEGAS.  And, I am happy to leave you with a few of my favorite pics (in a slideshow) until I can collaborate with Chris and get my facts straight.


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  1. Vegas is truly, hands down, my favorite place to go. It is Adult Disneyland. However, next time I plan not to go in June, as 105+ degrees does not set well with me! 🙂

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