Weigh In 7-5-2011

Current Weight:  322.8 lbs

I haven’t posted a weigh in since May 16th, at that time my weight was 323.4 lbs.  I will certainly take the 322.8 lbs and be happy about it.  In my mind I had gained at least 30 lbs since May, so imagine my relief when I realized I was at least holding steady!

Weigh ins will come either on Monday or Tuesdays.  I will post them here, just as I use to.

Oh, and today’s goal:  Water!  NO diet Coke!


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2 responses to “Weigh In 7-5-2011

  1. I’m so familiar with that feeling of relief! Congrats on holding steady. That’s an accomplishment, too.

  2. Elizabeth

    You have done excellent. I swear if I went to Vegas for 9 days…….well I’d be like 400 lbs. It was fun seeing you check into all the places you went to in Vegas. I pretended I was there also. Hehe. I really want Joseph and I to go to Vegas sometime soon.

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