Turn Right Here Left Now

The title of this blog is a quote from the 1953 movie Long Long Trailer, starring Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball.  It is also one of my most favorite movie quotes of all time.  The other being “Listen, do you smell that?” from the elevator scene in Ghostbusters.  I know, right?

So what do movie quotes have to do with a life blog, little alone a weight loss blog?

Turn right here left now seems to be a theme in my life.  I’ll be cruising along, heading down the right path in life, only to not completely understand the path in front of me.  Inevitably I make a wrong turn.  A left instead of a right.  Thus resulting in miles (years) to make a course correction.

But, isn’t that the great thing about life?  Most things can be changed or corrected.

And that is where I am today.  On course correction.  I am proud of this.  Instead of years to get turned around, it has only taken me a couple of months.

I’m back from my social media hiatus.  Although I have no intentions of EVER being glued to it like before.  I will be resuming my blog, twitter and Facebook activities.  I have missed it, but feel a period of self banishment was necessary.  My focus had become about blogging and tweeting and Facebook, not about health and life.

And I’m back from a much-needed 9 day, kid free, Vegas vacation.

I’ll never be able to thank my in-laws and mother enough for keeping the wrecking crew for us.

I feel refreshed and rejuvenated both physically and mentally.

I am ready to refocus my efforts of growing closer to the Lord, healing and growing my family and finally being successful at getting healthy.

And it is true, when absent from certain people and things in your life, you can really appreciate just how blessed you truly are.

I am just thankful that during my period of inner-personal turmoil, the Lord never left me.

I know that through Him all things are possible, even the battle of the bulge!

Vegas recap, pics and video to come soon!



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