It’s Summer

My kids didn’t get out of school until this past Thursday, so this week marks our first official week of summer vacation.

I have a ton of things to get done this week.  Chris and I leave for Vegas in 14 days. 

14 days!  Wheee

Yes, I am excited.  I know a lot of people wonder why a stay at home wife and mother would need a vacation.  Trust me when I tell you that I do.

Chris and I operate under the general rule of if our children can’t go somewhere, we don’t go.  It is a rare occasion that Chris and I have any time alone without children.  It is fine.  They are our kids.  We chose to have them and love them dearly.  But OMG am I ready for a brief reprieve!

So, like I said Chris and I leave for 9 full days in Vegas in 14 days. 

Next week, our oldest daughter Carolyne is leaving for Ruidoso, NM for church camp.  Also, Christyan the 5-year-old is going to my mother’s house for the week. 

Carolyne will come back from Ruidoso that Friday.  Then that Sunday we have to be at my in-laws house for a family bbq.  At this time my mother will bring Christyan to the in-laws to pick up Carolyne.

Catherynn, the 6-year-old, Christyan and Camrynn, the 21 month old, will all stay with my in-laws during our 9 days in Vegas. 

Once we get back from Vegas we will pick up the girls from my in-laws, then drive to my mother’s house to get Carolyne and drop Catherynn off for her week with Granny.

Everyone has to have their own suit case because of all the flipping and flopping we will be doing for the next few weeks.

I’m already exhausted thinking about it.  The logistics of packing 6 people into one or two bags is tough enough, but something I have become fairly efficient at.  It’s a little daunting thinking about packing 6 separate suit cases and 2 carry ons for Chris and I.

Once we get back from our vacation we have a few changes that will be occurring.  But, I’ll share details of that later.

I am still planning on being very mindful of my eating and trying to get in as much exercise as I can during the next few weeks.  I, however, am not going to stress about it.  Whatever happens, happens.  I will deal with the results and the aftermath when I get back.

Now, back to Vegas.  Chris and I go out to Vegas every couple of years.  We have been in the fall and spring.  Never in the summer.  I am anticipating that it is going to be HOT.

We have a few things we are planning once we are out there.  However, we have made it a point to not put anything in stone.  Our goal for this vacation is to do what we want, when we want.  All while relaxing as much as possible.

Chris has agreed to drive me over to L.A. for a day.  I want to go see the beach and Hollywood.  Mostly though, I want to go to Slimmons while I am there.  I found out that they don’t have showers at Slimmons.  Which is kind of a bummer.

I was hoping to have a nice work out with Richard Simmons and then go out to a nice dinner before the drive back to Vegas.  Now it seems I will either have to go out to dinner sweaty and stinky or ride all the way back to Vegas sweaty and stinky.  So I am in a bit of a dilemma on what to do.

What’s going on in your life?


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4 responses to “It’s Summer

  1. Elizabeth

    That sounds like a fun vacation. I would love to go back to Vegas for a weekend. Joseph and I actually went on a vacation for the first time in 10 years. We went to San Antonio because I refused to fly at my weight, or else it would’ve so been Vegas! It was fun and I hope to do it again next year. As for how you are balancing all your kids and the schedules, wow, it makes me tired. Hehe.

  2. I don’t even remember the last time my husband and I took a vacation without kids. I’m a lot like you, we take our girls everywhere with us. There’s not much time we get to be alone, and every marriage has to have that kid free time to survive.

    We’ve been to Vegas many times and love it. My parents have a timeshare at Tahiti Village which is a little ways from all of the action, but it’s nice. It sounds like you have your work cut out for you packing all of those bags, but it’s all so worth it. HAVE FUN!!

  3. I wasn’t sure if you did awards. I wanted to pass this award to you and let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog.

    Thanks for being so supportive.

  4. That sounds like a great vacation! I absolutely LOVE Vegas. I’ve been a few times now and there’s so many cool things and GOOD restaurants…

    I’m jealous of your day trip to Hollywood too. I’ve never been to LA as an adult and I am dying to go to the beach there!

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