People Surprise Me

I’ve realized that I am only as alone in this mission to get healthy as I make myself.

Since coming out of hiding, several of my blends and twerps have been quick of chime in about my absence. 

“I am here for you”, “Stop hiding, let me help”,”I miss you, come back”,  “Quit being a puss and come out and play”, are just a few of the comments I got from several people.

I’ve always felt alone with my fat.  Sure I had/have friends, but none that would stand by me when I would pull away.  And certainly none that were in the fat fight as well. 

It surprised me that these people expressed concern and missed me. 

It made my heart sing. 

These are the people, the friends, the family that I have always longed for.  One’s that understand where I am coming from.  One’s that get the deep, dark places I sometimes go.  The one’s that are/will stand by me as I make every single step.

Their support has been constant and amazing.  I hope to one day be able to stand steadfast by them, just as they are me.

Because they are still here, taking each step with me, cheering me on day after day, encouraging me when I want to beat myself down, tomorrow does not seem impossible.  Tomorrow is not nearly as daunting.

I am not sure I will ever be able to express to these people what they mean to me (without coming across as creepy).  But if you are reading this,  thank you for your support, your love, your encouragement, your time and you efforts.   They have not gone unnoticed.

Today was a good day.  Tomorrow will be an even better day.  Because I know I have you guys.




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2 responses to “People Surprise Me

  1. Unexpected support always motivates to achieve. With their cheers you are sure to find the healthy way of life you are striving for.

  2. Melissa

    Hey chickie! They may not know you like I do but they recognize the good heart and soul inside of you! 🙂 Yes, we are all cheering you on because YOU CAN DO IT!!! You gotta believe that! Even on our darkest and most difficult days, there is someone always there reaching out a hand to help you get back on your feet. (((HUGS))) Your girls are gonna grow up one day and thank you for the changes you are trying to make in all y’all’s lives. 🙂

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