I Hide

I’ve noticed that a lot of over weight people try to hid their size.

One of the ways we try to hide is through our clothes. 

I’ve always wore baggy, long and drab clored clothes, especially tops.

I started thinking about this yesterday when i got a package of clothes in the mail.

I had won a pair of pants on the Great Clothing Exchange from Skinny Emmie.  Along with the pants I had won, Skinny Emmie also threw in another pair of pants and a couple of tops.

Normally I am a t-shirt/tank top and jeans/capris/shorts kinda gal.  The shirts Skinny Emmie included were, well, fancy.  Especially in comparison to what I normally wear.

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, I promptly tried them on.

The tops are shorter and more form-fitting than my trusty t-shirts, but they didn’t look bad on me.  Actually, they look pretty nice, even if I do say so myself.

One is a pinky-orange color that gathers between my breast.  It really shows off the girls.  The other is a  low-cut purple cowl neck top, that again accentuates the girls.

I feel, dare I say, sexy in them.

So, why do people with weight issues try to hide their bodies behind oversized, frumpy clothes?

Do we think/believe that doing this is keeping the world from seeing how big we really are?

Why don’t we dress in a manner that is appropriate, yet makes us feel good, maybe even sexy, about ourselves?


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2 responses to “I Hide

  1. FatGirlUSA

    Christi >>> this is such a timely post for me because I am so guilty of what you are saying here. I guess I think if I buy something oversized people will not notice how big I am. Well, I’m not fooling anyone they know I am fat. But the cloths for plus size women are awful. I will be so happy when I can go into any store with FAB cloths and not be limited with selection/choice.

  2. Wow – Skinny Emmie really hit the jackpot with you! I hope you wear your new sexy clothes often, because you’ll surely get lots of compliments!

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