When Bad People Do Stupid Things

Today at my Pre-Ker’s and kindergartener’s school, it was “Muffins for Mom”.  Sort of the schools way of encouraging parents to come eat with the kids on special occasions.  This time it celebration of Mother’s Day. 

Christyan the 4-year-old, excuse me almost 5-year-old, was in the spirit.  Just about every man or woman we passed, she squilled “Happy Mother’s Day” and offered a big warm hug.

Catherynn, who is now a mature 6-year-old, on the other hand would simply offer a shy smile to those she didn’t know.  Of course her interactions with people she is more familiar with was much more exuberant.

We stood in the abnormally long line, waiting for our milk and muffin.  As we waited, we chatted amongst ourselves and with those around us.

The mood was light and airy.  Everyone was smiling and laughing and just really enjoying the opportunity to be there with their kids.

I had such a good visit with the girls that as I was leaving, I had a little skip in my step.

Then as I walked out the front door of the school, I heard a man who was sitting in a car with the windows down, make a little joke to his kid in the back seat.  He referenced the size of my ass to something along the lines of a double wide trailer or the Titanic.  I didn’t stick around long enough to hear much else about what he thought about my ass.

I quickly grabbed Camrynn up and began walking faster.  Even at the end of the long drive way in front of the school, I could still hear the guy laughing.

I fought back the anger and tears until I reached my car.

Please understand, I was not upset that some idiot, who by the way wasn’t a slim or even chubby person, but one who by all appearances had his own weight problems, was making fun of me.  I’ve been made fun of my entire life about my weight.  Over the years I have developed quite a thick skin where it is concerned.

No, what struck me was this man’s interaction with, presumably, his very own daughter.

I found it very sad and irritating that this guy was teaching and encouraging his child to be a bully.

No wonder my sweet, little Christyan gets teased occasionally. 

And, it occurred to me that when children this age bully and tease, chances are the real culprits are the parents.

But, I already knew that.  This just confirmed it.

If this guy is so quick to judge and make fun of a complete stranger, can you imagine the terror he will invoke in his own child should he ever find a flaw in her?

Poor girl.


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3 responses to “When Bad People Do Stupid Things

  1. We know these things are true, but it hurts to be the example of it. I’m sorry you had to face that this week and especially after such a wonderful time just before it.

    Sometimes people suck. I’m just not sure what else to say. I pity the kid too…

  2. Amy

    Your entry today struck a chord with me. My mom is very morbidly obese. She rarely leaves the house. When she does I hear, and presume she hears, people make comments, laugh, etc. to their friends about my mom. Whether it effects my mom, I don’t know, because we never discuss it. I don’t know if she ever hears it, to be honest. But if I can hear it, I’m sure she can too. And it breaks my heart- and if she knows or were to know about it- it would break hers to. She was in a terrible car accident where she almost lost her life- and she couldn’t walk for a year- and that’s when she really packed on weight. So- its not entirely her fault. But I just want to smack people sometimes and say “didn’t your momma teach you better?!” I don’t know how you didn’t turn right around and in your sweetest southern belle voice give him a piece. I would have at least shot laser beams at him with my eyes. Interesting that he was overweight too. What would we tell our kids- that when others make fun its to make themselves feel better? He probably is dealing with his own issues (being an inconsiderate a-hole should be one of those issues) and trying to make himself better. he’s probably not even doing anything about his weight- otherwise he wouldn’t poke fun.

    I’m very sorry you had this experience today, especially after all of your wonderful progress and with new goals established. I really truly hope that you use this experience to propel you forward toward your goal. You are beautiful. You are WORTH IT. And Dag Nabit- people LOVE you *raising hand*

    I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!


  3. I think your title should be ‘when STUPID people do bad things’.
    You just can’t fix stupid, but I would have loved to have tried with this ass-hat.
    I don’t even know you, and I can tell by your posts that you’re loving and kind. Karma is going to bite him so baaaaad….

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