**Day 1** Again #7daychip

Thursday I laid around and wallowed in self-pity about half of the day.  Finally, I got off my ass and told myself that if I don’t occasionally take a nose dive, I will never learn what triggers these binges for me.

So, yesterday I found myself sitting on day 1 of the #7daychip challenge again.  Oddly I am ok with this.  It gives me something to focus on and a goal to strive for.  However, this time I do not intend on stopping with just the #7daychip, I am going to get my #30daychip.  Hell, who knows…maybe even the #100daychip. 

Wouldn’t that be something?

The girl who had more day 1’s in a week than there are days of the week manages to get a #100daychip.  When this happens, I am not sure an ad in the New York times declaring my victory shouldn’t be taken out!

Anyways, yesterday was pretty status quo.  I did weigh in again because I skipped my normal Thursday Weight Watchers weigh in. 

Previous WW weigh in:   322.8 lbs

Current weigh in:  322.0 lbs

+/-:   -0.8 lbs

The only real explanation I have for the huge discrepancy between my Monday and Thursday/Friday weigh ins is, I eat better during the week than I do on the weekends.  I do try to watch what I eat during the weekend, but I am much more diligent when I am alone during the week.

My food for yesterday was pretty simple and looks like this (WW points plus listed next to it):

protein shake 4
Salad (lettuce mix)  0
     mushrooms  0
     broccoli  0
     2 slices ham  2
     4 tbsp fat-free thousand island dressing  2
     7 cubes pepper jack cheese  3
     12 crutons  2
celery  0
2 tbsp peanut butter  5
vanilla smoothie  4
nachos  28

So the nachos I had for dinner weren’t the healthier choice.  I did manage to stay within my WW points plus goal.  Most importantly though, my meals were planned and I remained in control at all times yesterday with my eating.

On to day 2 of the #7daychip challenge.



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3 responses to “**Day 1** Again #7daychip

  1. Nikki (Robinett) Febinger

    Christi, I constantly have problems with eating most of my calories at night. But I was looking at what you ate during the day, and I’m actually wondering if you eat ENOUGH calories before about 4-5 P.M. That could be triggering the evening/weekend binges. Try adding some egg whites and a piece of wheat toast at some point during the day, or possibly an apple with your peanut butter. Just a thought!

    • Nikki,
      Normally I am better about spreading my calories out more evenly over the day. Yesterday wasn’t a perfect example of how I normally eat. Starting at 8 am I eat every 3 hours, and I eat about 250-300 calories at a time. Just not yesterday! Actually, I usually try to have the majority of my calories consumed by 5 p.m. and finish off the day with a small meal around 7 or 8 pm. Either way, I appreciate your advise and suggestions! Keep em coming!

  2. A fellow weight watcher 🙂
    I actually usually eat most of my points for breakfast! Not always, but quite often.

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