Cat Got Your Tongue?

You may be wondering what has happened to me.  Or maybe you aren’t. 

I have gone from blogging at least every other day, and often every day, to only blogging a couple of times a week.  And that was only to update my weight.

Here’s the deal, I feel like I had gotten to the point where all I was blogging about was negative and failures.  That is certainly NOT the direction I want this blog to go in.  Afterall, getting over  negativity and failures is part of what prompted me to start this blog.

I decided the best remedy for this was to take a small break from blogging and social networking.  Yes, I am still on Twitter and Facebook, but my participation has been very limited. 

Am I ready to jump back in to blogging, tweeting and facing as much as I was?  I don’t know.  We will just have to see. 

Since stepping back I have gotten off my ass, cleaned my house and managed to see a some small victories on the scales. 

It’s all about balance.  I am still trying to learn what balance works best for me.  Because, yes I want it all!

What’s new with you folks?

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