Weigh In 4-4-11

Previous weight:  329.0 lbs

Current weight:  328.0 lbs

+/-:  -1 lb

I’ll take it.  This past week had some ups and downs.  Working on making some small changes that I hope will have a huge impact. 

This week is shaping up to be great.  I am striving to stay well within my Weight Watchers Points Plus points.  And rev up my exercise some.

How is your week shaping up?



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2 responses to “Weigh In 4-4-11

  1. Elizabeth

    Glad to see things are going better for you. The ups and downs can be irritating but I suppose the downs really make you feel good about the ups. This week I am working on portion control. My gosh, it seems harder than learning calculus. Meaning, my cravings and addicition make it super hard to eat just one portion and walk away. I’m gonna be in prayer about it and hopefully I’ll take off a few of these pounds.

    • Elizabeth,
      Good luck! I will be praying for you. Portion control is hard. I have major portion distortion. Along with addictions and cravings. However, I have all but eliminated cheese from my diet. Cheese is my kryptonite. It has been hard, but I feel good that now I am able to just have a sprinkle or slice, instead of making the cheese the focus of my meal. Hang in there Lizzy, I’m here with ya!

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