Failure To Launch

Last night as I laid in bed, waiting for sleep to overtake me, I kept thinking about failure and giving up.

I’ve failed to truly commit.  I’ve failed to give 100%.

I have failed.

Thus came the thoughts of giving up. 


What’s the point in continuing to lie to myself?  Or lie to others? 

I seriously contemplated walking away from it all.  The weight loss attempts.  The blog.  The social networking media I use. 

I’m not sure what to do any more.  I am not sure what it is that I need to kick my ass into gear.

On Monday mornings when I wake up, I am motivated, just to peter out by noon?  That isn’t real motivation.  That is guilt from the previous weekend spurring me on for a few hours.

Just some self-pity here.  Maybe my head will clear later today.



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3 responses to “Failure To Launch

  1. That is EXACTLY how I’ve been feeling lately. Feel good – then *BAM*…

    I wish I had the answer for you, because I hate the feeling. I’ll tell you what; if you don’t quit – neither will I.

  2. I’ve quit and restarted a hundred times or more over my 30 years. Don’t quit! I always end up thinking, “Man, if I hadn’t quit time, I’d be at my goal weight by now.” Tell yourself it’s OK that I’ve had some bad days/months/etc but I’m getting up, dustin myself off, and getting back on that damn horse!

  3. I know the feeling well, and it’s a terrible feeling, so my heart goes out to you.

    I’m no expert, but you hold on and keep plugging away because you know, deep down, that the feeling of failure will be much worse if you succumb completely. You hold on because you’re worth the fight. It’s easier said than done, and we all know it, but it’s just what you gotta do.

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