A Fool For Tools

It is no secret that I get bored, side tracked or discouraged easily.  So, I am constantly looking for things to remind, encourage and motivate me.

Recently I received two little gems, I had ordered, in the mail.

The first is nothing more than one of those rubber band bracelets all the kids wear.  Mine is pink.  On the tope side it says One bit at a time.  One decision at a time.”  On the bottom side it says http://www.priorfatgirl.com/.

That is the web site I ordered it from.  I paid a small price and promptly received it 2 weeks later.

The idea is to wear the bracelet on your right wrist so that when you reach for something to eat you will see it and be reminded to think of what and why you are eating.

The other bracelet is similar, except it is blue.  The top of it simply says “Just 10”.

I got this bracelet completely free of charge from Dr. Oz.  The idea behind it is if you lose just 10% of your body weight, your overall healthy will substantially improve.

Most days my little bracelets serve me well.  Some days, not so much.

My friend T comment on them when I last saw her.  I gave her a quick explanation and she seemed satisfied enough.

Then a couple of weeks ago, my sister asked me about them.  I promptly gave her the same explanation as I had given to T.  Only this time, rather than be satisfied with my answer, my sister asked me “Yea, but what do they do?”

In true smartass Christi style, I answered “Why, once you slip them on, you magically become thin!”

She exclaimed “Great!  Where do I get mine?”

But isn’t that the truth?  As much as I hate to admit it, I too wish the answer to weight loss lied in simply slipping a small, plastic bracelet on my wrist.  *sigh*

Until then, I pray that they will continue to serve me just as they have for the past few weeks.  A constant tool in my life, gently reminding and nudging me to make healthy decisions.

On deck this week:

  • Exercise
  • Weight Watchers meeting
  • Stay within WW Points plus
  • Re-start #7daychip challenge (again)


What’s going on in your world?

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One response to “A Fool For Tools

  1. Melissa Khammash

    You can do it Christi!! I am praying for your success. 🙂 Any and all tools that help definitely use them. 🙂 Love ya!

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