Lemony Fresh

I adore lemons.  Which is rather peculiar, since I despise anything sour tasting. 

I should probably note that I don’t eat lemons alone. 

I drink Diet Coke with lemon. 

The birthday cake that stands out most in my mind was one that my Mama made.  It was lemon flavored with lemon icing decorated with lemon drops.

While lemon pie isn’t my favorite flavor of pie, it is in the top 2.

My obsession with lemon doesn’t just end at foods either.

When buying cleaning supplies for the house or car, they are always lemon scented.  I use lemon scented candles and Scentsy wax as well.  They have an unmistakable clean smell.

Do yourself a favor today, enjoy something lemony.



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4 responses to “Lemony Fresh

  1. Darla Hall

    Love it!! Makes me wanna go out and buy some lemons!! Love you too girl!

  2. After juicing a lemon, I cut up the rind into a few pieces and drop them down the garbage disposal. Instant fresh-smelling sink!

  3. Melissa Khammash

    made lemon poppy seed bread from scratch the other day. I love lemon anything too!! 😀

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