When You Can’t Run, Cut It

I’m a huge fan of starting over.  Always have been.

When life gets stagnant, or it starts going in a direction I may not like, I’ve always found it easy and completely natural to pack up and move on.

Some may call it running, but I thought of it was a fresh start.

It can be a move around the corner, down the block, across town, to a new town/city or even to a different state. 

The distance I would move to start over never really mattered as much as the change of scenery and people.  I was very fortunate to meet some incredible people along the way.  Of course there were some sour apples, but those were easy enough to dispose of.

Now that I have a husband (one that I actually love and don’t want to be without) and kids, I can’t just pack up and start again.

That has probably been the hardest thing about being a parent for me.  When I grow bored with a place or situations surrounding me, I now have to stay and make things work.

Sure I could move with a husband and kids, hell we have several times, but not on a whim.  It is a lot trickier with others in tow.

Before if I had to sleep in the car or only had $5 to my name, it was only me that suffered.  I can’t and won’t put my kids through that.

So, what’s a girl who can longer just start over do?

Why, cut her hair of course!

I figure while I’m transforming my body and mind, my hair can have a fresh start as well!



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2 responses to “When You Can’t Run, Cut It

  1. Melissa Khammash

    wow girl! Definitely a restart! 🙂 So how you been doing? Tried calling you this weekend but y’all were busy or out. 🙂 Hope you and Chris and the girls are all doing good.

  2. LOVE the hair! Foxy!

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