I’ve Lost My Mind

No, seriously, I may have flipped my lid on this one.

You see, I’ve been doing Weight Watchers for the past two weeks.  While I haven’t been on point 100% of the time, I am making some significant strides in my food choices.

Like what?  You may ask.  Actually, the changes made thus far are small:  egg beaters instead of eggs, whole grain bread for white, fat-free cheese, light sour cream, light mayo, ground turkey, stevia…you get the point.

These foods I’ve listed are ones I feel “I can’t live without”, so I am trying to make adjustments to allow for them.

The most shocking part is that none of these “diet” foods bother me or are significantly different from the “real” ones for me to notice.  Score!

The most rewarding part though is I am already seeing the weight come off.  At least the scales are reflecting some losses.

The weight isn’t falling off of me, but at least it is steady.

One really cool thing about the Weight Watchers Points Plus is that I am on target most days with little real efforts.  I am feeling full, satisfied and not deprived at all.

Maybe it was the high of seeing some success or maybe I really did temporarily lose my mind.  I just don’t know.

Yesterday, on impulse, I signed up for Learn to Run 5k in 100 days.

The guy doing this project, Brad Gansberg, offers to teach people how he learned to run.  In return all he is asking for:

  1. A commitment to exercise for 1 hour 3 times per week.
  2. Complete a questionnaire pre & post program.
  3. A 100-150 word paragraph at the end of each week describing progress and feelings about the program.
  4. Commit to follow the program for the entire 100 days.

That is it.  Other than the 4 things mentioned above, Brad is offering this absolutely free to participants.  Not a bad deal in exchange for advise, support, knowledge and accountability.

Over the past 24 hours, my feelings about taking this challenge has fluctuated from nervousness, excitement, fear, skepticism, excitement.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

To read more about Brad and what he offers to people, please visit he site bradgansberg.com.

Wish me luck!

Will you dare to challenge yourself to learn to run 5k  in 100 days?

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One response to “I’ve Lost My Mind

  1. Melissa Khammash

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you! I know I am now teaching my MIL healthy food choices (high bp issues) and how to exercise —that will be interesting LOL!

    Awesome thing about the running! God willing you will accomplish all that you set out to do!

    (Oh yeah, tomorrow I will try giving you a ring in the morning your time as today got hectic this afternoon here LOL)

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