Weekend Recap

Normally I don’t do much for weekend recaps.  This week though, I thought I would give it a shot.

I am going to force myself to skip my regular Monday weigh in.  I am holding out for Thursday to weigh in, in hopes that I can redeem myself these next 3 days.

Redeem?  Yes, I said redeem.

My food choices have been horrendous this weekend.

Stress mainly, but no real excuse. 

Just as I am getting back into the swing of going to the YMCA to workout, I got a letter from them saying that they tried to charge my debit card on the 1st and it was declined, therefore they have placed a hold on our membership.  Because I didn’t get the mail until late Friday afternoon, unless I want to pay even more money, I have to wait until today when the business office is open to get the problem resolved.  Ugg!

I don’t know why they would try to debit my card on the 1st of the month.  I am paid up until the 15th, when they normally charge my card. 

It is just frustrating.

We did have plans to take the girls Saturday to play basketball.  Fail.

The reality is, it is probably going to be a quick fix once I talk to them, but I let it eat at me.

Then to add insult to injury, yesterday we got a text from the people that carry our car note.  It said that our car insurance has been cancelled.  ARE YOU SERIOUS?

I was literally holding the receipt from when I had paid my insurance from where I had paid it last week.  Because they show that our insurance is cancelled, the people tha carry the note have placed a block on our account.  Meaning, we can’t make a payment until the insurance verifies that our insurance hasn’t actually been cancelled.

Not to mention this is like the 16th time in a year that the insurance company has reported that our insurance has been cancelled to the people that carry our car note.  I should also tell you that we have never missed an insurance payment.

So yea, just a bunch of crap that has stressed me out.

On a good note; church was awesome.  But that is no surprise, it always is.

The question posed during the sermon today was:  Why don’t we pray?

I’ve really been puzzling over this one.  The truth for me starts with doubts and embarrassments. 

The doubts I have talked about before.

The embarrassment though…

What could possibly be embarrassing about praying?


Here’s the even stranger part.  Just like with exercising, I am more comfortable praying or having complete strangers know that I pray than I am having my husband and family know or think I am exercising or praying.

What?  What in the world?  I know.  I can’t explain it either, but it’s true.

I know that Chris and the girls love me and are far less likely to think anything about , little alone make fun of me, than anyone else.

All I can say is I  have some issues to work through.

How was your weekend?

Why don’t you pray?

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One response to “Weekend Recap

  1. Jamie

    Ok sooooo!! Here is what I was going to say… We talked about prayer yesterday at church and what can hinder our prayers. The number one thing is unforgiveness. It is a beast and in the same way it puts a block between us and man it puts a block between us am God.
    Also I think the way we relate to our earthly fathers has adirext impact on how we relate to our heavenly father. I don’t know how to talk to my father and because of that I struggle with spending time with the Lord. I know that it gets easier the more time we sound with him. Just like it does with any relationship, the more time you spend with someone the more comfortable you are to say whatever you need to whenever you need to. Prayer for me has to be a sacrifice. I have to really set time aside. And I pretty much suck at it. I speak to God throughout the day and try to pray for whatever comes to my mind but actually just hanging out talking to God isn’t as easy for me. But I’m hoping to remedy that..

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