Nothing Like A Little Bloodshed At The Weight Watchers Meeting

The Weight Watchers meeting yesterday was fabulous.  During the weigh in, I showed a loss of 5.6 pounds.  I am going to assume that the discrepancy between the Weight Watchers scales and my home scales is due to clothing.  At home I do weigh ins naked, however at Weight Watchers I do weigh ins with my clothes on, minus my shoes (they tend to frown when I try to weigh in in the buff @ meetings).

I think Weight Watchers may actually work.  Not because I need someone to tell me that eating donuts will make me  fat and salad will not.  They do tell me things like serving sizes and offering new ideas of things I can do to “spice up” my food.  And, I have to admit, it made me feel really good to have someone praise and recognize that I lost weight.

I liked going to the Thursday morning meetings because:

  1. I am reminded how young I really am.
  2. The little pink & blue hair ladies all seemed to adore Camrynn, even when she is pummeling them with toys.

Yes, it is true.  My normally sweet, lovable Camrynn decided that Weight Watchers meetings are not actually about losing weight.  No, they are about major league baseball pitcher tryouts.

About the time the Weight Watchers leader was awarding me my star for losing 5.6 pounds, I momentarily took my hands and eyes off of Camrynn.  For the approximate 1/1000000 of a nanosecond, she managed to hurl a hot wheel car (you know, the ones made out of metal and more metal) 10 feet.  Not only did Camrynn manage to launch that thing at a remarkable speed, her accuracy was dead on.  I realized she had thrown something just about the time it cracked that poor little ol’ blue hair in the temple.  Ol’ blue hair must have thought it was her husband, because she quickly gut punched him before grabbing a kleenex out of her purse to dab up the blood.

A yelp, few trickles of blood, some spousal abuse and a quick escort from the meeting later, Camrynn and I are currently back on the Weight Watchers meeting circuit.  Next week we will be exploring some other meeting time options.

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One response to “Nothing Like A Little Bloodshed At The Weight Watchers Meeting

  1. Melissa Khammash

    OMG—that is too funny (and embarrassing I am sure LOL). Your kids sound like mine—very quick to do something the exact second you aren’t watching!

    YAY on the weight loss! 😀

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