O Motivation, Motivation, Wherefore Art Thou Motivation?

The girls have decided to skip out on karate for now and try their go at competitive cheer.

I’m not entirely sure what all this will entail.  I did speak with the coach today and she assures me that she only teaches and allows safe techniques.  She also reassured me that because they are so young still, formations will be limited to two people high and no throws or tosses.  The coach did say if they stick with it and progress, eventually they will be required to learn and perform those techniques.

The girls start tumbling tonight.  I guess I’ll check it all out then.  They are VERY excited!

The upside to this is now on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I will have an hour and forty five minutes to work out.

I’ve neglected going to the gym.  I really don’t have a good excuse other than anxiety.  I am hoping that by being at the YMCA on those 3 days anyways, I’ll quickly get over my anxiety (again).

Lisa from 110 Pounds and Counting re-tweeted something tonight that was really like a slap in the face.  It said:

You can’t lose weight by talking about it.  You have to keep your mouth shut.

Thanks Lisa for re-tweeting this.  I hope that it is the wake up call I need.

Goals for March:

  • lose 10 lbs
  • attend 5 Weight Watchers meetings
  • log 1000 exercise minutes
  • job 15 minutes non-stop

I have also broke these goals down into weekly and daily goals that are more manageable.  I hope that by doing this I will be able to stay focused from day-to-day.

Motivation seems to be a huge thing I am lacking.  The reality is, unless I can motivate myself, I don’t think I will get this done.

Maybe if I can start seeing some progress the motivation will follow?

Any thoughts or suggestions?







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