Taking This Show On The Road

Yesterday was my first full day doing the Weight Watchers Points Plus program.  To me, keeping track of points vs. calories is much easier.

Weight Watchers has taken the guess-work out of figuring out the calorie/protein/carbohydrate ratio of food.  With Weight Watchers you figure out what you want and how much you are going to eat.  The look it up in a little book or on the Weight Watchers e-tools site.  Basically, the more fat or carbs the more points.

I think I did really well all day yesterday, until dinner time.  I let myself get too hungry, and one serving of anything just didn’t cut it.  Thankfully with the Weight Watchers Points Plus program you are given 49 “bonus” points to use at your discretion during the week.  While you are supposed to strive to use all of your regular points daily, the bonus points are optional.  They sure saved my ass last night!

Upside:  I realize the importance of paying attention to my hunger level, and eating something every 3 or 4 hours.  I am still striving for 5 meals per day.  This approach is supposed to boost your metabolism and stave off hunger.  Because as I proved last night, if I get too hungry I will over eat.

This weekend we are going out-of-town, so it will be my first true test of how I can handle the Weight Watchers program while traveling.

Regardless of what happens with my eating, I know I’ll have a blast seeing T & Bob!  I haven’t seen them since August. 

I’ve been friends with Bob since I was about 15 years old.  When I met T, I just fell in love with her and her kids.  I often refer to her as my wife-in-law.  We hit it off and became instant friends.  Even though it has been months since we’ve seen each other, I know when I finally get there it’ll be like we haven’t been apart.

So look out T & Bob, me, Chris & the wrecking crew are on our way!  Better put your breakables and sharp objects on top of the house!

What are you doing this weekend?

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