Personal Revolution

At first the days slipped by, turning into weeks.  Before long the weeks began cascading into months.  Before I knew it, those cascading months became careening years.  In the blink of an eye, 7 years has flown past.  All the while I have stood on the side lines.  A literal life time for my 4 kids.

A good cheerleader I have been, but recently not a participant in the game of life.

Until now.

Now I embark on a personal revolution.

I touched on the subject, briefly, yesterday.

Revolution from within comes at a time when one feels that they are at the end of their ropes.  No, not suicidal, but fed up with they way things are going.  To the point that the only option is change.  This is not always referring to weight loss (in my case it does) either.

I can not continue watching life pass me by.  Watching idly as my children grow up without me fully being a part of.  After all, what sort of legacy does this leave behind?

I know I’ve said all of this before and I know you may grow tired of hearing it.  It is all about motivation.  It is about constantly reminding myself why and how these changes are coming about.

YMCA today – Yay!  And my with my hubby – double Yay!  Then off to the grocery store for some healthy food choices.

For the weekend we are off to see my good friends T & Bob.  It’s about a 5 hour ride in the car with 4 very restless little girls.  But it is so worth it!  I love spending time with them.  I just wished we lived closer together so that I could spend more time with them.

How is your week going?

Any plans for the weekend?

What personal revolutions are you ready to engage in?

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One response to “Personal Revolution

  1. Melissa Khammash

    Woohoo! YAY for exercise!
    OMG I do not envy you the car trip with kids LOL! 😀 My hubby and I are still debating whether we want to go to the desert soon or not with the kids LOL.
    This weekend…off to the farm (of course LOL) and harvesting the rest of the cabbage for sale at market. Hubby is off to Texas soon for 2 weeks I think—we will see after he goes tomorrow for the visa from the embassy here. He has business stuff to do there—wish I was tagging along but I would stay way longer than 2 weeks LOL. 😀

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