Action Plan

Happy February 21st!

Today I am excited.  I am looking forward to kicking my healthy lifestyle into full gear.  Today feels different too.

Rather than being filled with apprehension and dread, i find that I am excited and looking forward to the many changes that will surely come over the next few months.

I am prepared.  I have set realistic goals to strive towards in order to keep myself motivated and focused.

  1. Lose 10 pounds
  2. Job 1 mile without stopping

My reward to myself will be the purchase of something healthy/diet related and to set 2 new goals.

The wrecking crew are all on board.  They have all agreed to be my walking/jogging buddies.  Also, as of Tuesday they start back to Karate. 

For the 2 hours they are kung foo fighting on Tuesday and Thursdays, I will be concentrating on getting to know that dreaded elliptical machine and weight/core strengthening.

And now, with the help of my new Weight Watchers cook book and food scales I got over the weekend, not only will my portions be accurate, I will also have new ideas for meals. 

That was actually a huge problem before.  I didn’t know what to cook.

I learned to cook by watching my Mother and I am sure she learned by watching hers.  You can imagine just how healthy that it is!  🙂

Official weigh in later today.  I will update my weigh in page and post a blog about it!

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