My eating yesterday was better.  It wasn’t perfect though.  I started off strong with a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch and Almond Breeze (Yum). 

Then last night we decided to go pick up season 2 and 3 of CSI.  While standing in the store to check out, I turned to herd my kids to the door and felt a horrible pain in my back.  I have never had pain like this before.  Not only was the pain in my lower back, but I had shooting pains down both of my legs that seemed to radiate all the way to my toes.  In fact, the pain was so intense and sudden, I almost passed out. 

I finally made it out to the car.  I thought once I sat down and let my back rest for a few minutes I would be ok.   At this point my back was spasming and I still had shooting pains down my back.  So when Chris suggested stir fry takeout, I agreed. 

I think I did pretty good.  I know stir fry isn’t the healthiest meal option, but I did try to eat more of the veggies than noodles. 

This morning my back is still hurting.  My hands are all tingly.  It hurts to sit, stand, move, or lay down.  I have never really had a backache before, I am not sure what to do.

Do you have any ideas about what this could be or what I can do to help the pain/spasms?



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3 responses to “Pain

  1. Elizabeth

    Yikes Christi! I have some idea what you had. It sounds like a heck of a spasm. The only thing I would say though, is if the tingling doesn’t go away and you start losing feeling in your legs or arms, you have to go to the ER immediately. I know you don’t have insurance and I’m not telling you this lightly but that is the beginning of what could be permanent nerve damage that could lead to paralysis. I pray that this is just one heck of a back spasm that is temporarily pushing on your nerves and it will go away asap. In the meantime, I would take motrin or alleve. It’s the ibuprofen that can help reduce the muscle spasms. When I got past the over the counter stuff, my doctor put me on a steroid and gave me a steroid shot. In most cases, that would take care of it. Another thing to watch for is incontinence, that is also something you have to go the ER immediately for because of permanent nerve damage. I’m sorry if I’m doom and gloom and I know my case was 1 in a zillion so like I said, I pray you aren’t having what I am having. Please keep me posted.

  2. Melissa Khammash

    IF it keeps up—get to a doc or ER immediately as it could be serious! 😦 I hope and pray you are alright!

  3. Christi, it sounds like what I’ve went through with ruptured disks, and pressure on the sciatic nerve. I also have flare ups with inflammation causing sciatic pain.
    You really do need to have this checked out!
    With the inflammation my doctor usually prescribes prednisone for the swelling, and something strong for the pain… as well as a few days bed rest.
    Please let us know how you’re doing… keep us updated, okay?
    You’re in my thoughts, as I know this is probably the worse pain I’ve ever endured.

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