Mapping Out Good Choices

Normally on Friday’s I would say I am going to the Y.  But today, I have a sick baby.  I too have been sick, but she is not feeling well at all.  Because she is snotty and croupy and running a slight fever, the nursery won’t keep her.  I hope that she is feeling better Saturday, I intend on taking the girls to the Y.  I plan on having them walk around the outside track with me.  Then we are going to go to the zoo.   Today I will do some of my Biggest Loser dvd.

Now for today, here is my meal plan (all ingredients are on hand!):

Protein Shake
2 oz   Honey Greek yogurt  –  80 cal
1 med banana   –  105 cal
1c Almond Breeze  –  40 cal
2 scoops whey protein  –  80
Total 305 cal
1 med banana  –  105 cal
Total 105 cal
1 slice 15 grain bread  –  100 cal
2 oz ham  –  60
1 wedge sun-dried tomato cheese  –  35 cal
lettuce  –  5 cal
tomato  –  8 cal
10 baby carrots  –  50
Total 258
apple  –  65 cal
Turkey chili –  245 cal
1/4c cheddar cheese  –  110 cal
onion  –  16 cal
2tbsp sour cream  –  46
Total  417
3c spring salad/spinach mix  –  20 cal
12 croutons  –  60 cal
1 wedge blue cheese wedge  –  35 cal
1 oz ham  –  60 cal
brocoli/baby carrot/cauliflower mix – 25 cal
1 wedge sun-dried tomato cheese wedge  –  35 cal
4tbsp fat-free zesty italian dressing  –  60 cal
Total 295
Daily total:   1445

So there is the plan!  Wish me luck…


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  1. That’s a great day of eating! I like it!

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