Why is it that planning healthy meals is such a hard task?

In my head it is simple enough: protein, veggies, possible starch and maybe fruit (for something sweet).

But,  figuring out elements from each of these groups that coherently make a meal AND all of my crew will eat is not so easy.

Part of the problem is my kids think if they tell me they don’t like something, I will let them have something else (such as pb&j’s or cereal).

To combat this, I have decided to no longer allow this practise.  My goal from now on will be to make meals that consists of:

1 protein

2 veggies

1 starch (sometimes, but not always a must)

1 fruit

My hope is to expand their pallets, not that they are that picky.

Anyways, just some thoughts that I have  been having about meal planning.

The winner for the first ever FindingChristi giveaway, Danielle, did step forward in a timely manner.

Of course, in true FindingChristi fashion, I am having a few issues with my iTunes account.  These issues are supposed to be worked out by this evening, and hopefully I can get Danielle’s e-certificate off to her.

If not and these issues persist, I will be snail mailing Danielle an actual gift card to iTunes.

I had such a good time with the giveaway and I look forward to the next one!

I am hoping to incorporate a “Winners” page to my blog.  On this page I hope to include a picture of the winner and contest description, along with a brief bio of the winners.   Just something that I thought would be fun to do!

Well, back to healthy meal planning…

Do you have any suggestions on how to make this easier?

Do you have a few meals in your arsenal that you rotate around or are you constantly trying and making new things?



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4 responses to “Meals

  1. Melissa Khammash

    I have a few meals I make pretty often that are healthy and rotate them. Once in a while we try something new that I found on the internet. Go search healthy recipes and modify some of your own stuff to be healthier. That is what I have done. If you want I can try to email you a list or something of stuff I make (and my kids like and eat!). We very rarely eat processed foods—90% of what we have is fresh so it is pretty healthy overall. 😀 I make a list of what all we will eat for the week as far as meals go and then make a list of ingredients I need from that. I try to use stuff that I can have on hand for a couple of meals too so I can buy stuff in bulk as it is cheaper.

  2. jaime

    ok~ Well I have fallen off the wagon, but when I was really losing weight ,I had bought a couple of the Biggest Loser Cookbooks. I LOVE THEM! Good meals.NORMAL ingredence that you can actually find in the grocery store. and SIMPLE to prepare… Give them a look .

  3. Hey – I know this is off-topic for this post, but I wanted you to know… one of my readers sent this awesome link where you can download PDFs and print your own graph paper! Sounds awesome, and might be a nice alternative to your lovely, but DIY graph paper. 🙂
    Here’s the link:

    Happy Wednesday!

  4. My kids are extremely picky eaters. I just picked up a clean food book from the library, because I’m trying to cut down on the amount of processed food we eat.

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