It’s Beyond Me

Almost one and a half months into the new year (Thank you Nicki), how is your health/fitness goals going?  Mine are going, eh.  I believe that is the technical term for “it could be going better”.

At the beginning of all this, way, way back in October, I was gun-ho.  Ready to whip this fat into submission.  Ready to show myself, my family and the whole world just what Christi is made of.  Results?  A whole lot of hot air.  Somehow between illnesses and holidays, I have fizzled out.

Yes, I have fizzled.  I am only marginally closer to my goal than I was in October.  I am still searching for myself.

I am ok with this.  Really, I am.

Because something occurred to me Sunday as I drove into town.  It is something I have talked about before.

I have to give it to the Lord.  And I don’t mean just say I am going to, but I have to actually trust Him. 

Yes, I will have to put in hard work.

Yes, I will still have to count calories.

Yes, I will still have to exercise.

Just like everything else I have ever tried to control and failed at, once I stopped with myself and put my faith and trust in the Lord, those problems always seem to right themselves.  Just as soon as I stop over thinking and trying to control them.

I realize that faith and religion can be controversial.  I am not here to force my beliefs on anyone.  I am here to find something that works for me. 

And, the Lord has NEVER failed me.


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  1. Melissa Khammash

    Yes, you are right—trust God with it all and keep up your end doing the “hard” work and it will work out. I am praying for you! I am like you—gotta get back to working out and all. I have totally ditched sodas now though which is a huge step!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy about that!!!!!!!!!! 😀 The last one I drank actually made me feel sick and that was over 2 weeks ago—I had been a week or so without sodas before that day. Now just trying hard to eat better and watch portions and I am getting that under control for the most part now. Now to get back to exercising. WE CAN DO IT girl! I know I fizzled too. I really want so bad to be healthier now though so you and I gotta support each other (FB and chats hopefully at least once a week to check up on each other). I am hoping by doing that with you (if you can) it will hold me a bit more accountable. 😀 Love ya Christi!

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