Ice And Snow Be Damned

Ok, I’ll admit it, I do not like the cold, ice or snow.  There, I said it. 

So, this morning when I woke up to yet another arctic weather front moving through west Texas, it did not hurt my feelings that the local school district delayed the start of school for 2 hours.

I crawled under the blankets and promptly went back to sleep.  Once it was finally time to wake the wrecking crew to get them ready,  I flipped the local news on to get a full weather report for the day.  At 8:45 this morning the wind chill was -7.  That’s right, minus seven.  In west Texas!  Can you imagine?  We have no real hills or trees to even pretend to slow the 30-40 mile per hour wind gust either.

I decided I had better make sure my car would even start in these temps and it would probably take the time it would take for the girls to get ready to warm up.

Grudgingly, I bundled up in my hoodie (my winter coat) and prepared to face the elements.  I can honestly say that before today, I had no idea what -7 felt like.  I can tell you, I don’t like it.   Of course, I really shouldn’t have been surprised.  I am ready for hibernation once the temps fall below the 40’s.

I drudged out into another inch of fresh snow, that fell last night, to my car.  I eagerly hopped in to escape the wind.  As I turned on the key, she roared to life, like an old pro.  I was quite surprised, I had no idea that vehicles would start, little alone run in sub-zero temperatures.

Once I had the heaters all turned on in the car (blowing cold air at this point), I bolted back into the house.

The house had been fridged this morning when I finally peeled the layers of quilts, blankets and comforters off of me.  But, upon returning from the deep freeze outside, the warmth in the house was almost stiffeling.  Beads of sweat formed on my brow as I quickly removed my hoodie.

I then took a moment to lay out the wrecking crews warmest clothes.  Which mainly consists of jeans, two long-sleeved t-shirts and fuzzy socks that are normally worn as house shoes.

I took a moment to prepare myself mentally for the inevitable onslaught of gripes, whines and cries about how cold it was. 

Instead, I was faced with 2 little girls fighting over the toilet and one hugging the trash can.

Yep, they had it coming out both ends.  Ever the optimist, and because I had just spent 4 days last week locked in the house with them due to ice and snow, I continued encouraging them to get ready for school anyways.  I know, terrible right?

Sometimes, they will plot and plan the “too sick to go to school card” in hopes that I will fall for it and let them stay home.  After about 10 more minutes of watching them play musical chairs between the toilet and trash can, I thought “hey, maybe they are really sick”.

I digressed, I put up their clothes, made them pallets on the couches and turned on cartoons for their viewing pleasure.  Once I had trash cans within reach of everyone, I redressed in my hoodie and went to turn my car off.

With my teeth still chattering, I began calling their schools to let them know that the wrecking crew was indeed too sick and would not be coming to school.

By this time it was 9:45 a.m.  I was convinced they truly did not feel well and would in all likelihood, lay around and sleep most of the day.

Fast forward 45 minutes.

Christyan sits straight up on her couch and looks around.  I asked her if she was ok and if she needed anything.

In a tiny, sad voice Christyan asked me “has school started already Mommy?”

I should have known something was up right then.  My children only call me Mommy when they want something or they think they are in trouble.

Blindly, though, I answered her.  “Yes baby, school has already started.  Are you sad and missing your friends and teacher?”

At that moment, I swear, all of the color rushed back into Christyan’s face and she answered “Nah”.

Without so much as blinking an eye, Christyan was immediately up on her feet, jumping on my couch.

In the very same moment, Carolyne and Catherynn both set up and in unison said “Can we go eat at McDonald’s”

It is obvious that I did not inherit whatever gene it is that my mother has that can see through fake illnesses.

I am still trying to figure out how, exactly, they all three fooled me.

The weather is supposed to be warmer tomorrow, like in the mid 30’s or so.  You can bet that, unless the schools burn down, the wrecking crew will be there.  Early.


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  1. Melissa Khammash

    Sorry this totally had me laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Your girls are something else!

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