It’s Taxing

As the hubby watched the Super Bowl, I diligently sorted through our tax stuff.

It seems to me if Uncle Sam really wanted his dime, he would make the forms and instructions less confusing. 

Sure, sure I could pay someone to muddle through piles of receipts for me.  Maybe while they were out it, they could make heads or tells of the “instructions”.

Honestly, the “instructions” should read something like this:

  1. Have checking/savings account information readily available.
  2. Call local tax office and inform worker that you will be finished with all 6 steps within 5 minutes and to come on over.
  3. Unlock your front door.
  4. Remove your pants.
  5. Insert your head up your own rear (not like they actually want to tell you what they are doing with your tax dollars)
  6. Wait patiently for IRS worker to arrive.

Needless to say, I am too much of a cheap scape to actually pay someone to do my taxes for me.  Besides, venting here is much more therapeutic and economical!

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