Can I Be Thin?

Today as I was reading about nutrition, it happened.  I envisioned myself thin.  I have never been able to picture myself thin.  Afterall, I have never been thin.  In my hallucination, not only did I have knee caps, but I had collar bones and a waist as well.  My arms were toned and defined and my face was no longer round, but heart-shaped.

I have heard people say that while losing weight they were never capable of seeing themself thin.  While I certainly know being thin is a possibility, I have to wonder:  Is this just a pipe dream?

I have learned a lot today about portion sizes.  Yes, I am eating more of the “right” kinds of foods, but I am still eating entirely too much.  Evident by my recent weight gain.

Actually, it explains quite a bit.  My portion distortion is so skewed, it is no wonder i am miscalculating calories.

Instead of seeing this as a set back, I am trying to recognize the learning curve.

In other news, Chris is on board.  He is always supportive of me and my efforts, but he is ready to tackle his own weight.  Maybe now it will all start falling into place. 

I am also thinking of revamping my blog theme.  The one I use currently seems kind of dark and depressing.  I am not in that place any more and think I would like something a little cheerier.  What do you think?


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2 responses to “Can I Be Thin?

  1. That’s awesome that you can picture yourself thin. What a motivator! I could never picture myself 100 pounds lighter. I’d been over 200 pounds for so long I had no idea what it would look or feel like to be be 150 pounds.

  2. Melissa Khammash

    Wooohoo! Happy to hear your hubby is on board now! Awesome you can visualize yourself being thin—that is great! Keep it up Christi!!!!!! I too learned (and am still learning) about portion sizes. 😛 Praying for you girl! 😀

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