For The Love Of Fitness…

Recently, I have had to let my membership to the YMCA go.  It breaks my heat, but Chris had been off work and the holidays, we just haven’t recovered financially.  Maybe we’ll get it sorted out in the next few weeks.

The other day as I was shopping, it occurred to me that I am ill prepared to tackle fitness at home.  I know technically you don’t have to have anything other than your body to work on fitness.  I haven’t been at the fitness thing long enough to know how to do it myself.

I browsed through several, SEVERAL items at a few different stores.  I finally settled on a few things.

  • The Biggest Loser 6 Weeks To A Healthier You.
This book promises to teach healthier food choices and  beginner exercise.  Basically, the what & why of it all.  Since I know very little about nutrition and exercise, I figured it would be a good start.
  •  The Biggest Loser The Workout DVD.
I picked this video to begin with because it offers 6 different routines and the only equipment it recommends are hand weights and resistance bands (both recommended, not required).
  • Gold’s Gym Stretch Bands.
  • Gold’s Gym 1 lb Dumbbell Set.

 Along with the Zumba game I got for Christmas, I feel I am at least equipped to adequately work on my fitness at home (more than walking).

I hope to expand my workout DVD collection soon.  Starting with The Biggest Loser Yoga DVD.  Followed soon by a yoga mat and a foam roller.

Before all of that though, next on my list of purchases will be a Weight Watchers Cookbook.  I am actually a fairly decent cook.  The problem is, I only know how to cook the things I have always cooked (obviously NOT healthy).

Right now I am really struggling.  I know what it takes to be healthy.  But I hate it.  I pray that I will eventually learn to love eating healthy and exercising.

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