Delayed Due To Weather

This week has been a real struggle diet and fitness wise.  I knew on Monday that the weather was going to turn bad that evening.  What I didn’t know was that it would linger.  Today is the third full day of ice and snow for us.

My husband, Chris, and I live with the 4 members of The Wrecking Crew.  West Texas normally offers a variety of weather:  hot, hotter and hottest.  Sometimes it can even be described as dry, drier and dryest. 

As you can imagine, we aren’t/weren’t prepared for cold, ice and snow.  Especially if it is prolonged.

When I grocery shop, I buy for 3 or 4 days at a time.  Lack of pantry and refrigerator space coupled with being quirky about expiration dates and wilting fruits and vegetables.

Anyways, so Monday while shopping I grabbed up the normal stuff.  Surely this weather would only last a day or two.  Yea, right!

The girls spent the better part of yesterday morning begging, pleading, promising us anything we wanted, if we would just take them sledding.

Another aspect of West Texas is the terrain.  For the most part it is flat, however, we live far enough east that we still have a few hills.  Not big or significant hills, but at least enough that 15 miles from our house, there is potential for sledding.

We decided that since we really needed to go to the store anyways, we might as well take the girls sledding.

I spent the next 2 hours finding enough clothes to bundle everyone up enough to venture out into 13 degree weather.

The drive into town wasn’t horrible.  It only took us an hour to drive 15 miles.  Once we found a place for the girls to sled, the baby had fallen asleep.  I decided to stay in the car with her, so Chris parked the car where I could watch the other 3 girls sled.

They were so excited.  They couldn’t get out of the car fast enough.  We barely managed to convince them to slow down enough to put their coats on.  I then handed my camara to Chris and instructed him to take LOTS of pictures of the girls sledding, making snow angels, throwing snow balls and the general happenings in the snow.

I watched from the warmth of my car as my excited girls bounced their way over to and up the hill. 

My 4-year-old, Christyan, decided she would be the first brave soul to try out the sled.  Her daddy held the round, plastic trash can lid (yes, it was clean) as Christyan eagerly climbed aboard.  Chris prepared to give her a push down the hill, she let out a “Whoop”, loud enough that I could hear her from the car.

Off she went.  Slowly at first, gradually picking up speed.  About 10 feet from Christyan’s starting point, she bit it.  Christyan went flying one direction while the improvised sled flew off in the other.  Slowly she got up and dusted herself off.  I can’t be 100% sure of what she was saying, but I can imagine a string of profanities that would make a sailor blush, escaping her cold, wet, chapped lips.  She quickly made her way to the bottom of the hill and refused to go back up it.

Catherynn, the 5-year-old, is our accident prone child.  It never fails, if someone is going to have an injury, it is her.  But, yesterday Catherynn managed to not get hurt.  I am so proud.

Chris escorted Catherynn to the top of the hill.  He held the sled as she climbed on.  Even from the car, I could see the apprehension on her face.  Catherynn is brave, but after witnessing Christyan’s crash, she was being very cautious.  Without the exuberance Christyan had displayed, Catherynn began sliding.  Once she had passed the  point that Christyan had eaten snow, Catherynn let out a squill.  She was flying now!  I don’t know if she shifted her weight or if she had put a foot off the sled, but it happened.  About 25 feet from the top of the hill, Catherynn began tumbling head over feet, all the way down.  She immediately jumped up and ran to where Christyan was standing.  She too refused to go back up the hill.

At 9-years-old, Carolyne thinks she has to out do everyone.  At everything.  As she was preparing for her turn at sledding, I could see her talking with Chris excitedly.  Hands flying as she described how she was going to be the fastest  sledder ever.  In the history of the world.  Carolyne mounted herself in the middle of the trash can lid.  Still talking at 100 miles per hour.  She grabs the front of the sled and holds on, waiting for her daddy to give her a nudge.  I see Chris turn loose of her and give her a slight push forward.  Nothing.  She didn’t move an inch.  He gives her a little harder push this time.  But, instead of sliding down the hill, Carolyne may have moved 2 inches forward on the sled, but then she laid over on her left side.  Completely burying her head in the snow.  She jumped up and without even dusting the snow off, starts running.  I thought she was heading for her sisters, so they can continue sledding.  When she flew past them, I realized that she was coming for the car.  In no time flat, she was getting into the back seat, I asked her “Carolyne, what happened?”  Her reply was simple and clearly stated her opinion of the current weather.  “Screw the cold!”

Trying not to laugh, I attempted to get on to her for her language.  Before I could get it all out, the others had returned to the car.  Shivering and red from the cold, they piled into the warm vehicle.

I asked them what they thought about sledding and got various mumbles about it not being an activity they cared to repeat.

The adventure took less than 10 minutes.  Chris didn’t even have enough time to get the girls into the swing of sledding to be able to get the camara out, little alone take any pictures.

Being the good mother that I am, I turned, smiled and said warmly “I told ya’ll so!”

We then slipped slided out way across town to the grocery store.  The intention was to pick up a few fruits and vegetables to hold us through until the big thaw.

That wasn’t going to happen.  The store was wiped out of almost all fresh fruits and veggies.  Not to be discouraged, I high tailed it to the frozen foods section.  If you can’t have fresh, frozen is second best, right?  Well, it would be had the frozen food isles not been empty.

How can a major grocery store chain run out of food?

Also out of stock:  milk, eggs, cheese, bread, yogurt, water and beer.  Just to name a few.  Frustrated at our lack of options we grabbed up a few random things. 

It was starting to get dark out, and we knew the temps were about to start dropping again.  We needed to get headed home.

The highway we can take to our house had been at a stand still for over 2 hours, but was beginning to move.  We decided to jump on, hoping the highway was a better choice than the back roads.  It took 2 very long, very tense hours to finally slide the 15 miles back to our house.

We are staying in today.  The roads are still icy and none of us have any desire to go sledding.

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