How To Grow A Proper Texan!

Perhaps you know a Texan or two?  Maybe it’s the allure of the twangy accent?  Or that in rural Texas, 58% of all vehicles sold are of the pick-up variety?  Could you be a boots, hat, snap up shirt, wrangler jeans kinda person?

Let’s talk talkin’.  Remember that Texan’s say things like ya’ll and ain’t.  I realize that we  certainly don’t have the monopoly on those words.  But we also do things like:

  • Leave the g off of any word that ends in ing.
  • When we are about to do something, we say “I am fixin’ to”.  This is not to be confused with when something is broken and you are going to fix it.
  • Ma’am and Sir and ingrained and are just part of every day conversation.
  • There are 2 acceptable ways to say water.  Water or Warter.  Either will get you the same results.
  • In Texas we have breakfast, dinner and supper.
  • Everything in Texas is a coke.  You just have to decide if you want Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite or Pepsi flavored.  They also come in the diet variety.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to grow your own Texan, I have a pictorial adventure.  It is a day in the life of a few youngsters I know, that are being grown into top-notched Texans.

1.  You gotta start ’em young and expose them to cows.  And in Texas, bigger is always better!

2. When you are trying to grow your own Texan, there are 2 food groups to introduce early on:  Steak & Jalapeno!


"Oh what's this?"


If you have a large herd of your own kids, be prepared for others to want to sample the good stuff.

"I wanna try my own jalapeno!"

"Oh no Christyan!...It wasn't a good idea!"

"If that darn baby can do it, I can do it!"

Dinner…36oz…can she do it?

Well, she gave it a hell of a try at least!

3.  After any good meal, it is vital to relax on a normal sized rocking chair with your sisters.

We've got one almost exactly like this on our back porch.

4.  Lastly, never, NEVER, pass up a photo-op with a cow.  After all, you never know where your next meal will come from.

Happy Texan growin!


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