Digging Deep

Where does inspiration come from? 

Where do you find motivation?

The answers to these questions can be as vast and varied as the individual asked.

Maybe you read a book, a blog or a story.  Or maybe you saw a movie or some pictures that spurred you into action.   Maybe your decision to take action leads to the correction of a situation of a pursuit of something new.  Maybe a combination of it all.

Whatever lit a fire for you, can and probably will lose momentum over time. 

The true test of character comes when a person can dig down deep within themselves to find that something to keep them going.  To keep them struggling.  To keep them pushing. 

That is not to say that along the road you should not look to other sources to keep you motivated.  But, it is saying that the desire to succeed has to come from within.

No one is going to make you chose those carrots over that carrot cake.  Nor will they require you to spend an hour a day exercising instead of watching TV or checking your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

You have to decide if your aspirations, dreams and/or health are more valuable than your social networking status.

For me, I have let the momentary pleasures of food cloud what my real focus should be on.  At times, I have even allowed myself to mistake my friends list as a real life. 

 But life, my life, surrounds me and passes me by everyday as I sit here, immersing  myself in a virtual world.  Mistaking my safe haven as my real world.

I have to draw a line.

I can not continue allowing my life to just pass me by.  I have to engage and be present every day or it will be long gone before I even know what has happened.

This week I am going to challenge myself to the following things, before getting online or relaxing in front of the TV, daily:

  • Drink at least half of my daily water
  • 1 full hour of effort-filled exercise
  • Telling each of my kids and my husband that I love them

Because it is time.

Because I can!


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